Joe Jonas crashes Jonas Brothers themed spin class — WATCH

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Joe Jonas An Evening With The Jonas Brothers

Singer Joe Jonas decided to make a surprise appearance at a SoulCycle class in Atlanta, and no one was more surprised than the stunned instructor.

“When you've got an off day in Atlanta,” Jonas wrote on Instagram. “Why wouldn't you drop-in for a Jonas Brothers vs. One Direction class at SoulCycle?? Let's get it!”

“I have an afternoon off and I Googled workout classes,” he told his followers, revealing he was put on a waiting list because the class he wanted to attend, named Jonas Brothers vs. One Direction, pitting the music of the two boybands against one another, was already full.

“The class is sold out, but I'm gonna see if I can walk in and say hi to some people,” he told the camera as he documented his visit, showing him greeting the receptionist and asking if he'd be allowed in.


His request was granted, and as he walked in, the instructor remarked, “Wait, is this for real?,” before introducing the singer.

“Joe Jonas, everybody! We're real right now. This is live!” she exclaimed.

The final moments of the video revealed that Jonas managed to take over the instructor’s stationary bike to start leading the class.

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