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Jon Hamm has worn underwear “every single day of [his] life”.

The 51-year-old actor was previously the subject of rumours that the wardrobe department on ‘Mad Men' had to force him to wear pants because his massive member was visible in the 1960s suits he wore on the show but he's insisted that's not true and he has never gone commando.

Asked about the rumours, he told DJ Howard Stern: “I have worn underwear every single day of my life, who doesn’t wear underwear?

“I love a comfy boxer brief … I like a breathable cotton.”

The ‘Confess, Fletch' actor downplayed his good looks and insisted his handsome features were never a driving force when it came to choosing a career on camera.

He said: “My growing up … was more about kind of fitting in and achieving and hopefully being good at whatever it was that was in front of me, whether it was school or sports … By the time I got to pursuing acting really in a real way, I was in college, and I ended up getting a scholarship to do it and it was literally just something like ‘I think I’m good at this.'

“Being good-looking or what have you is obviously so subjective too … somebody’s great-looking guy … another [person] doesn’t give a second look so I never really had a sense of that.”

Despite years of critical acclaim for his portrayal of Don Draper on ‘Mad Men', Jon didn't win an Emmy Award for his work on the advertising drama until 2015 – after ‘Breaking Bad' had concluded, so the actor joked he was relieved Bryan Cranston had finally stepped aside.

He said: “Had I never won for that role I think it would’ve hurt a lot more, but [I did win]. And I thank Bryan every day for kindly bowing out … so I could come in at the end.”

The ‘Good Omens' star regards Bryan as a close friend and sees parallels between their careers.

He said: “He, a lot like me, was kind of a journeyman guy for a long time [before] finally getting this kind of career-defining role. He has made the most of it. He’s one of the mensch-iest guys you’ll ever meet.”

And though his pal won more awards for his show, Jon thinks he got the last laugh during one particular photoshoot.

He recalled: “I’m in this suit with a cigarette, a tie, and the hair slicked back, and Bryan is in his tighty-whities, desert boots, and a chemistry apron with safety goggles.

“He walks out … and looks at me and goes, ‘I feel like I got the wrong end of this deal.’”

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