Julia Roberts Gives Birth To Hazel and Phinnaeus, Didn’t Listen to Our Readers When Naming Babies

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Julia Roberts

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Julia Roberts and her husband, Danny Moder gave birth to twins Hazel Patricia Moder and Phinnaeus Walter Moder on Sunday morning at a Southern California hospital.

She follows a long Hollywood tradition by giving her children crappy names. Those poor children; she should have listened to all of you in regards to naming her baby. Some of them were dead on serious, and the others were laugh out loud funny. Thanks to all who sent in 78 sets of names.

The following are all the names that you sent in:

– Carob- boy (a perennial leguminous tree) Lauraceae- girl (it means avocado)
– Ralph and Lauren
– Collin and Nicollette
– Wolverine and Storm
– Stan and Pam
– George Walker or Eric Anthony and Jenna or Barbara
– Hansel and Gretel
– Pratt and Whitney
– Simba and Dory
– Sol and Pepper
– Pear and Mango
– Ron and Nancy
– Eric (Eric Roberts) and “naming your child something that can only work if you are rich”
– Aggie and Lera
– Ben and Iffer
– Kiefer Lyle and Erin Magnolia
– Colin and Nicolette
– Aaron Eric and Brianna Allison
– Conner Anthony and Jasmine Shannon
– Port Harlen and Allison Erin
– Lawton Alexander and Lizzie Ann
– Miles Robert and Marcy Rene
– Giovanni and Liliana
– Ellis or Kiara
– Jacob Anthony and Rose Marie
– David Robert and Serena Francis or Mikala Rose
– Mathew & Madison
– Eric and Erin or Erica
– Skylar and Tyler
– Court Tristan and Hadden Cade
– Quinn Eric and Valanda Victoria
– Dylan Julius and Serina May
– Henry Jackson and Elaine Marie
– Ryan James and Stella Starr
– Joshua Michael and Carmine Rose
– Logan and Lily
– Trent Jonathon and Tavi Joy
– Hayden Josh and Kaytlynn
– Jace Dylan and Jessica Sierra
– Mikey Daniel and Desiwray Danielle
– Colin Eric and Mollie Kaitlyn
– Nathan Joshua and Katie Victoria
– Julian “Jules” Roberts and Lydia Danielle
– Vincent and Victoria
– Anthony and Veronica
– Victor and Estelle
– Dalton Aaron and Rebekah Christine
– Bo and Tox
– Kennedi and Kendall
– Rhea and Raheem
– Nemo and Dory
– Jane and Dick
– Jennifer and Marc
– Tyler and Taylor
– Victoria and Alexander
– Jutta and Juergen
– Peyton and Brice
– Vagisil and Levitra
– Julio and Roberta
– Julia and Robert
– Miguel and Myia
– DeVante and Deyondera
– Dylan Cole and Mary Elizabeth
– Reagan Daniel and Riley Fiona

and lastly:

Boy = J'den, JaShawn, Deionte, DeVaughn, Davion, Derrell
Girl = Julianna, Daniella, DeAngela, Deja, Darian

This article was originally published on November 28, 2004.

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