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Kate Middleton debuts new ‘bronde’ look in video message

Kate Middleton debuts new ‘bronde’ look in video message

Kate Middleton debuts new bronde look

Everyone, including Kate Middleton, has become bored during lockdown. We all have done a little experimenting with our looks and Kate has decided to switch up her tresses.

Over the weekend, Kate Middleton appeared at a press event for the “Hold Still” portrait project with new, bronde highlights. The change was subtle but definitely noticeable.

In a video released over the weekend, Middleton is seen talking to Johannah Churchill about the portrait she took of her colleague Melanie that was displayed as a huge mural as part of a national exhibition for Kate’s Hold Still photo project.

With her voice crackling with heartfelt appreciation and admiration, Kate, 38, said, “It has become such an iconic portrait that represents a lot of what frontline workers have experienced and what those of you across the U.K. have put your lives on the line in looking after all of us this year.”

Johanna Churchill took the photo of fellow nurse Melanie wearing personal protective equipment as she helped at a clinic for COVID-19 patients. It was entered into Kate’s Hold Still photography project that has been displayed on posters and billboards around the U.K. The one of Melanie was also recreated by artist Pete Barber on a wall in Manchester’s Northern Quarter.

Johannah told Kate in the video chat, “I’m glad that the image of Melanie can feel representative of a group of people.”

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