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Kim Kardashian Dropped From Blac Chyna’s Defamation Lawsuit, Judge Rules

Kim Kardashian Dropped From Blac Chyna’s Defamation Lawsuit, Judge Rules

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Kim Kardashian will no longer be tied to the defamation lawsuit filed by Blac Chyna against her famous family. The judge in the trial ruled that the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star, 41, will be scrubbed as a defendant.

Khloé, Kris, and Kylie aren’t so lucky.

As Radar reported, Chyna sued Kim, Khloé, Kris, and Kylie, claiming they cost her millions by allegedly convincing E! to terminate her TV contract which, in turn, caused her to miss out on other money-making opportunities.

The family’s attorney filed to have Kim removed from the lawsuit “because [Blac Chyna] has neither identified an allegedly defamatory statement by Kim Kardashian, nor specified an instance where she ratified an allegedly defamatory statement by another party, the claim against her must be dismissed.”



“[Blac Chyna’s] vague assertion on the record during [her] argument that Kim Kardashian ‘ratified those statements and encouraged her sisters to make them’ — without specifying how Kim Kardashian ratified them and to whom — is woefully insufficient to maintain a claim,” the document read. “Additionally, statements by other Defendants cannot form the basis of a defamation claim against Kim Kardashian because neither her mother nor her sisters ever acted as her agent.”

While Chyna’s attorney fired back, the judge ruled in Kim’s favor.

“There is no evidence that defendant Kim Kardashian took a ‘responsible part’ in the publication of the alleged statement by the other defendants,” the judge’s ruling obtained by PEOPLE stated.



Chyna had high hopes for the trial.

“I am so thankful that a jury will finally listen to what really happened behind closed doors — the lies that were told and the damage that was done,” she tweeted just last week.

“At the end of the trial, I’m going to be able to proudly tell King and Dream that I did everything I could to right the wrong that was done to me. And that, in life, it is my hope that they will be able to stand up for themselves when it matters too.”

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Over the course of the trial, Rob Kardashian‘s famous mother and four of his sisters took the witness stand.

Kris broke down in tears when she told the court that she believed Chyna would “murder” Rob. He also took the stand and claimed his ex-fiancée held a gun to his head on at least five occasions.

Rob also alleged Chyna tried to strangle him with a phone cord. He said that the alleged incident caused him to hire full-time security out of fear for his life and the five-year-old daughter he shares with Chyna.

Kourtney and Kendall were never named in the lawsuit.



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