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Kim Kardashian Gets Peed On and Has Cookie Problems

Kim Kardashian Gets Peed On and Has Cookie Problems

Kim Kardashian

Hanging out with her new furry friend, reality television star Kim Kardashian played with this little monkey while visiting Ashton Kutcher‘s production company, Katalyst. According to Kim, it was all fun and games, until the monkey started playing Ray J with her.

On her blog, she writes, “I thought he was really cute at first, but then he peed on me!! Ashton said the monkey had pooped on him, so I didn’t feel too bad, haha. Gross little monkey!”

The least he could have done was buy her dinner first.

When Kim’s not monkeying around, she’s got herself embroiled in a bit of a pickle…well, more like a cookie. Kardashian is being sued by the cookie diet guru, Dr. Siegal, for describing his diet as “unhealthy” on her Twitter page.

He alleges that QuickTrim spokeswoman Kim has a “commercial motive” for the dig. Also, he tried to claim in the past that Kim’s curves were a result of his Cookie Diet and she responded with a cease and desist.

Oh Kim, she always seems to have trouble with what she puts in her mouth.

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