Male Model Monday: Chase Mattson, Francisco Lachowski, Benjamin Crofchick & More

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Chase Mattson

Who is ready for some sizzling photos of some very hot male models?

On this Male Model Monday, we are featuring photos from some of the sexiest male models — Chase Mattson, Francisco Lachowski, Benjamin Crofchick and more!

Check out the photos:

Leo Cressant is floating.

Lucas Loyola gives good face.

Charlie Matthews works it.

Benjamin Crofchick wants to know what's up.

Victor Pinheiro stretches.

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Francisco Lachowski is kilting it.

This is how Stefan Petrov stays in shape.

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– Pull Ups: In any hotel gym you usually get the chance to do any sort of pull-ups. – Bent-Over Barbell Rows: I didn’t have a loose barbell but I had a smith machine which does a great job on this exercise. There’s also two forms of grip – depends on what feels better and more effective to you. – One-Arm Dumbbell Rows: I was lucky to find dumbbells that are kinda heavy (27.5kg) – so I could use those for a few exercises. If you don’t have heavy dumbbells go with high rep ranges. – Two-Arm Dumbbell Rows: An alternative to the One-Arm Rows. You usually don’t need heavy dumbbells for this (FYI I used 15kg dumbbells). – Incline Dumbbell Press: As I said,.. you‘d be lucky to find some semi-heavy dumbbells you can work with in a hotel gym. One of my favorite exercises for a good chest. Half set through I started doing alternating presses which is a more advanced exercise. – One-Arm Cable Crossover: If you have a cable tower, use it! This exercise gives you great isolation on the chest. – Dumbbell Chest Flys: Use lighter dumbbells that you can usually find in a hotel gym. Fully open up your chest. – Crush Press (Superset): Supersetting Chest Flys with Crush Presses gives you an extra pump. Don’t need to change the weights as your muscles are already tired from the Flys. – Floor Press: Great alternative to Bench Press. I could have also used the bench and move it to the Smith machine, but as I do Floor Presses very rarely I thought I could give it a go. Special thing is the range of motion as you can’t get low with the bar. Your elbows touch the floor and that‘s it. – Dumbbell Shoulder Press: One of my favorite exercises for shoulders. Try alternating as well if weights are too light. – Side Lateral Raises: Another great shoulder isolation exercise, you don’t need much weight for at all. – Hanging Leg Raises: Last but not least, great abs exercise you can do using the pull-up bar. For a good abs workout you usually don’t need additional weights. Enjoy! 💪🇮🇨

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William F Goodge Is back in the Thunderdome.

Matt Law strikes a pose.

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Chase Mattson gives us a look.

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