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Meet Instagram hottie Eduardo Penteado

Meet Instagram hottie Eduardo Penteado

Eduardo Penteado

It has been tough, but we’ve spent all week long scouring the depths of Instagram to bring you this week’s InstahottieEduardo Penteado.

Eduardo is a personal trainer and model based out of West Hollywood, California.

According to his website:

Eduardo Penteado is a Brazilian-American athlete who specializes in fitness and nutrition coaching based in Los Angeles California.

Eduardo studies each client precisely to tailor a program that optimizes results while having fun, building confidence, and together creating a lifestyle that is easy to sustain. The evaluation will determine each person’s specific goals: fat loss, muscle gain, muscle definition, corrective exercise, and general wellness.

His self discovery of the powerful connection between the mind-body-soul and how their synergy creates a healthy and happy lifestyle is Eduardo’s passion to share with others.

Enjoy these pics and videos of the very photogenic Eduardo Penteado

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