Meet Instagram Hottie Jay Gould

Male Model Jay Gould

It has been tough, but we’ve spent all week long scouring the depths of Instagram to bring you this week’s InstahottieJay Gould!

Jay is a model who is repped by LA Models, The Industry, MGM Models and Wilhelmina.

The brunette has amassed over 300,000 Instagram followers by posting a variety of modeling shows and personal selfies.

Enjoy these pics of Jay Gould

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Keep fighting 💪🏼 Brighter days ahead 🌅

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Frigid waters 🌊

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need an escape ⛓

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The Miami days were truly special man 😥🤍 Just seeing these old photos takes me back.. Zippin around on bikes everywhere we went. Like kids, man. Watching the sunset 🌅 each and every night over Biscayne Bay from our tiny balcony on that inflatable couch (thanks @davonking1 for the donation) at our apartment in the Flamingo 😂 IYKYK. Not a single bad memory in that crib. Thank you to everyone who came to town, from all over. Loved hosting each and every one of you. After all of this is over I'm hosting you in LA and my cooking skills have improved I promise 😂🥑I swear if I could just get another month in that crib on Miami Beach I'd be meeting up with @thejessicaexperience and @oliviapw to get our acro moves on 🧘🏽‍♂️ Never did get out to South Point enough and that's on me!! I'd be competing with @blakejcarr on the tennis courts like it's Wimbledon 🎾 🏆 We gambled with smoothie king and that's a serious wager!! Lot of good times and I miss all of you but, here's the point of this long caption; TIME FLIES I swear it does! Even in quarantine, across the globe, we just logged over 10 weeks!! Where's your focus at? I need everyone reading this post (after you like and comment 😉) to click off your phone and go check your vision board.. What are you fighting for?? What makes your heart ACHE!?? As a planet, we gotta do better. We're moving forward into a new reality and it's time to sacrifice a bit and cut some of the bs out of our lives. Let's come out of quarantine running faster than ever. Full speed towards our dreams. We already had two months to sit on our bottoms.. No time for any more rest. Hibernation is coming to an end 🐻 I promise you, if I see or hear anyone even mention Netflix after quarantine is lifted you are getting blocked off my phone 😂❌ Time flies. It's the truth. We're not getting any younger. What do you want the next chapter of your life to say? "After quarantine was lifted, Jay put all of his energy into _____" Fill in your own blanks how you want them. It's your book and it's your choice how you want to write it ✍🏼📖 Let's make it happen. #throwback

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