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Meet Instagram Hottie Keith Laue

Meet Instagram Hottie Keith Laue

Keith Laue

It has been tough, but we’ve spent all week long scouring the depths of Instagram to bring you this week’s InstahottieKeith Laue.

Say hello to Keith Laue! He’s a popular model, who is also a student at the University of Texas at Austin.

He is currently studying at the Cockrell School of Engineering.

Here is a little about Keith and his inspirations:

I look up to different people for different reasons. Pietro Boselli is an inspiration to me because he is not only one of the most successful fitness models in the game right now, but he also has his Ph.D. in engineering. Another of my inspirations is Elon Musk because he has no fear to try new ideas and to challenge the status quo, and thus far, he has done nothing but groundbreaking work. Even his failures are amazing. My inspiration comes from the realization that these people are just people. If they could do it, there’s no reason I can’t. I recognize that my aspirations are lofty, but I would rather fail while reaching for those that fail because I never tried.

Keith Laue

Enjoy these pics of Keith Laue:

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