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Meet Instagram Hottie Ken X Y

Meet Instagram Hottie Ken X Y

Ken X Y

It has been tough, but we’ve spent all week long scouring the depths of Instagram to bring you this week’s Instahottie — Ken X Y.

Ken is a singer, songwriter, producer, and model, who you may recognize from his recent Cann campaign with Gus Kenworthy in which the two were both featured in their underwear.

In 2019 he started Go-go dancing as a way of making money, after his job as an electronic music teacher wasn’t giving him the financial support he needed. He had studied ballet 15 years before releasing music, explaining his love for dancing.

He told Virile Music, “It’s fun to dance in general but, I would rather not be doing it. It was the quickest solution to my then financial problems. I managed to establish myself pretty quickly as being punctual, a good dancer and being professional. When I started doing that I went by my real name but it was too long, no one could understand it and people would fuck it up. [He jokes] Something sonically about fucking up my name really hurts my ears haha.”

“I was trying to find another name for dancing and it ended up being Ken, because it means handsome. That in a Go-go arena is who I’m meant to be. Someone visually stimulating, so that was kind of my way of playing on the crowd. That took off and so many people started meeting me as Ken. More people ended up knowing me as Ken than as Xay Xo. I added XY because that’s the chromosome for male.”

Watch Ken X Y in his music video “Shadows”

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