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Meet Instagram hottie Timo Barthel

Meet Instagram hottie Timo Barthel

Timo Barthel

It has been tough, but we’ve spent all week long scouring the depths of Instagram to bring you this week’s InstahottieTimo Barthel.

Timo is a diver who hails from Germany. Last month Timo won the 10-meter platform at the European Championships in Poland and got closer to winning a spot in the 2024 Olympics.

On his win, he told Swim Swan, “It’s unbelievable I’m just speechless. Last year I won the preliminary too and then I did a bad job in the final, so finally I got the gold medal. It’s just amazing and now we have the place for Germany, but it’s just for Germany, not my place, so I have to take it next year at the German nationals and the qualification.”

As for if he is straight or gay, he told Outsports, “I am not given a name,” he said. “Human is human. It’s doesn’t matter which side you attracted to and It doesn’t matter which skin color you have. Human is human. All of our blood is red.”

Enjoy these pics and videos of the very photogenic Timo Barthel



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