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Michael Fassbender Talks About That Time He Gave a Horse an Erection

Michael Fassbender Talks About That Time He Gave a Horse an Erection

Michael Fassbender

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Bless you, Graham Norton for bringing us gems like this.

While popping by The Graham Norton Show to talk about Steve Jobs, Michael Fassbender recounted how his horse on the set of Jane Eyre would get an erection every time Michael sat on his back.

I kid you not, this story is real and Fassbender telling it is amazing. “He used to get quite aroused whenever I’d get on his back,” Michael laughed. With Julie Walters adding, “I can understand that.”

Michael continued, “Dan, the horse handler, had to get on it and sort of canter him or give it a little trot, so he’d sort of slap it off..retract it back in and then it was good to go.” And get this, the horse’s name was Prince. I think this might be even better than the time Michael, James McAvoy and Hugh Jackman danced on Graham’s show.

Michael, Kate Winslet and Julie also chatted with Graham about their various award show experiences. And if you’re lucky enough to ever be in Kate Winslet’s house, you can have your own experience, because she keeps her Oscar in the bathroom. You always know when someone is playing with him because as Michael points out, “It’s the time test: too long for a pee, too short for a poo.” I should totally get a fake Oscar statue and keep it in my bathroom.

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Please enjoy all the hilarity from Graham Norton above and below. I’ve also included one of my other favorite Fassbender moments, just because one can never have too much Fassbender.

This article was originally published on November 9, 2015.

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