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Model Brian Shimansky Chats with Socialite Life About His Success in the Industry and the ‘Revival of the Supermodel’

Model Brian Shimansky Chats with Socialite Life About His Success in the Industry and the ‘Revival of the Supermodel’

Brian Shimansky

If you’re interested in fashion and male models then Brian Shimansky should be on the tip top of your watch list right now.

In just a few short years Shimansky has rapidly grown to become known as one of the biggest male models in the fashion world, which is an impressive feat for anyone trying to break into the biz.

Jason Kanner, founder of Soul Artist Management, launched my career in 2008 booking me for high fashion editorials and campaigns with Mario Testino, Bruce Weber, Milan Vukmirovic and Giampaulo Sgura” said the model of his start. ” The more recent Versace Eros campaign by Mert and Marcus was a tremendous breakout for me though.”

A breakout indeed – one that has earned him numerous connections and working relations with some of the best photographers and designers in the industry today. This kind of a positive response to his work was the exact reason why Jason Kanner, founder of SOUL Artist Management and also Brian’s personal agent, decided that he would be the perfect fit to promote his idea behind of the “Revival of the Supermodel.”

“I came into this business at the beginning of the supermodel era in the early ’90s. Certainly things changed dramatically over the past 15 years, but there is this interest in the return of the supermodel and my job as an agent and passion is to see more of that” said Kanner of his theory. “There seems to be such an interest when they put a model on the cover of a magazine as opposed to putting the same tired celebrity on the cover pushing their movie, and I think there’s something to be said about it.”

Is it possible that we will see Brian on the cover of a magazine soon then? Quite possibly. Considering that Kanner believes that Brian has every potential in that matter it would only make sense.


“When I think of a Supermodel, Brian is at the top of his game. He is the star of the biggest fragrance on the planet and has that “it” quality. He’s in very high demand right now” Kanner said.

With the face of an angel and chiseled trojan warrior-like abs, we aren’t the slightest bit surprised by Brian’s successes. We were surprised to find out, however, is that even a top male model as fit and toned as Brian has his own cheat days. His number one guilty pleasure?

“French macaroons. I could eat thirty of them regardless of the season” Shimansky said.

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Brian continues to move forward with his modeling career full throttle as he was recently set to be the host of SOUL Artist Management’s ‘Supermodel Saturday’ event, on May 17th. The event is meant to celebrate the “Revival of the Supermodel” and of course, will signify the budding career of a new Supermodel in the industry, Brian Shimansky, who we can only expect will continue to take the fashion world by storm.

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