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"Mitch McConnell is rushing to steal a Supreme Court seat before the election. Senate Republicans would rather help him do it than help millions of Americans."

If you want me to love your movie, put a scene at the end where NASA bursts into relieved, emotional, joyous applause, except for the chief, who needs to sit down and finally shed a tear of his own first. Don’t care what the rest of the movie is. New “Rebecca,” you’re up. -H

#MitchMcConnell admits he's been working to sabotage #COVID relief talks behind the scenes to prioritize rushing #AmyConeyBarrett confirmation

Today's song of the day is this great cover by @olivianj, selected in honor of Welsh musician and multi-instrumentalist Spencer Davis, who died Monday of pneumonia at age 81. RIP.

Shawn Mendes Doc, MANK, Dmitriy Stuzhuk, Spencer Cox, China Bank Account, Miley Cyrus, Proud Boys: HOT LINKS

Rudy Giuliani Touched His Genitals, Agreed to Eat a Bat During Indiscreet Encounter with ‘Borat 2’ Actress in NYC Hotel

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