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Podcasts You Should Know – Meet Kiki Monique of ‘I’m Sorry’

Podcasts You Should Know – Meet Kiki Monique of ‘I’m Sorry’

Kiki Monique host of the I’m Sorry podcast

It seems every time you turn around, a celebrity or public figure is issuing an apology for something. In our social media-influenced culture, celeb slip-ups and boo-boos are becoming almost an everyday occurrence. If you live for the next cringe-worthy apology from a pop culture figure who may have overshared on Twitter or at an awards ceremony, have we got the podcast for you.

Each week on I’m Sorry, a podcast from Lemonada Media, host Kiki Monique – who is the self-proclaimed CEO of deep dives and call-outs ­­– and her co-hosts unpack the latest and greatest in Twitter gaffes, petty beef, and not-so-subtle shade.

“I’m Sorry” gives listeners a fresh take on processing public controversies together, pushing apology culture and re-examining cancel culture all through a hilarious comedic lens. Subjects have included Joe Rogan, Chrissy Teigen, Pamela Anderson, and more. If you want debate and discussion on who should or shouldn’t be canceled, check-in with Kiki and her guests. 

We had the chance to chat with Kiki (I mean, who would you rather talk pop culture with than someone named Kiki?) about the show. Get to know this unapologetic host and add this show to your podcast queue.

Kiki Monique host of the I’m Sorry podcast

How do you choose what topics to talk about? 

The great thing about “I’m Sorry” is that people make mistakes every day, so there is always something to talk about. However, the goal of the show isn’t to join in the chorus of public shaming and pile on, it’s to explore, dissect and understand what went wrong and the redemption arc moving forward. My co-hosts, producer and I are sharing tweets, TikToks, and articles in our group chat constantly, and usually, we zero in on what we want to talk about that week between those texts. We always want to stay timely so we are constantly online to keep up with what is trending, and also to find those hidden stories that we think enough people aren’t talking about too.

What do you enjoy talking about the most? 

I’m a pop culture junkie, TV addict and have been obsessed with entertainment since I can remember. I was a latch key kid, so I spent a lot of time with my “friends” in magazines and on shows. 

Have you ever been surprised by something you learned on the show? 

I learn something new with every show that we do. I love deep dives, and a big aspect of our show is researching the history of whomever or whatever it is we are talking about, sometimes back to their upbringings. Learning as much as you can about people you don’t know, gives them humanity, allows you to empathize and ultimately makes you (hopefully) a less biased person when discussing how they messed up.

Who do you think desperately needs to apologize for something (who hasn’t already)? 

Probably every billionaire and politician in the world. You don’t become that rich or powerful without doing bad things. It’s impossible.

Kiki Monique host of the I’m Sorry podcast

What has been your favorite episode to record? 

I’m still a fan of our very first episode which was a two-parter on Chrissy Teigen. I like Chrissy and I felt like we might have changed a few minds of people who just wanted her canceled. I also really loved our Taylor Swift episode because I wasn’t even a Taylor fan, and then as I watched her doc and read about her while prepping for the episode, and next thing I knew, I was shouting Team TayTay from the rooftops.

Who has been your favorite podcast guest? 

Vitus Sphear who is known online as Under The Desk News. We became mutuals on TikTok and then I invited them on the show for our Facebook episodes. They are just so knowledgeable about so many things and they deliver news in bite-size, top-level pieces which is my favorite way to consume.

Who’s your dream “get” as a guest? 

Howard Stern.

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How has doing this podcast changed you?

I don’t think it really has. I have always been a person who roots for the underdog or likes to play devil’s advocate, so the topic of apology and cancel culture really aligns with how I already think.

What other podcasts do you listen to? 

The Daily, Shameless, You’re Wrong About. The Howard Stern Show isn’t a pod, but I listen to it daily.

What do you think the future holds for you? 

At the rate that people are having to apologize or be canceled, statistically, a cancellation is due any day. But aside from that, hopefully, I am doing what I love (talking) and getting paid big bucks to do it. That’s the dream, right?

Check out new episodes of “I’m Sorry” on the show’s website or wherever you get your podcasts.



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