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Hooters by Michael Freeby
Photo by Michael Freeby

If you like chat about the latest fashion trends, if when someone says Ford, you think of Tom and not the car and the only labels you read are designer ones, Future Fashion Icons is the podcast for you. Each week, host Michael Freeby discusses the latest fashion trends with the hottest icons, giving you the scoop on who was best dressed, and who wore it best. Some of Michael's recent guests include Jason Carter from the RuPaul’s Drag Race Pit Crew and Océane Aqua-Black from season two of Canada’s Drag Race.

We chatted with Michael about his fashion-packed and entertaining podcast and put him in the hot seat to answer the Socialite Seven. Learn more about this trendy, must-listen podcast and get to know this fabulous podcaster!   

Hooters by Michael Freeby
Photo by Michael Freeby

How did Future Fashion Icons come about?

I feel like there needs to be more coverage of LGBTQIA+ people. Like, we may see mainstream coverage during Pride Month, but even then, it's frequently a non-LGBT celebrity saying they “love the gays” – which is good, of course, but it does not tell me how Travis Stevenz achieves his abs or Max Konnor's horticultural secrets. I want more updates on Max Konnor's garden!

How do you choose what topics to talk about?

I like to learn new things! And I feel like my guests are so many hot people who are known for being hot in a variety of ways. It's literally like finding the perfect hairspray, the perfect ChapStick straight from the actual source.

What do you enjoy talking about the most? 

I love talking about gay porn stars! I feel like they're so much fun to watch with all their wild outfits, and different people have drastically different reactions to what porn stars – especially gay porn stars – mean to them. I've had guests who love discussing LGBT fashion icons but harbor an intense hatred toward gay porn stars, while other guests are telling me how they have officially licensed action figures of gay porn stars, life-sized cardboard cutouts of gay porn stars, and pillows of gay porn stars. I strongly identify with the latter group, of course.

Hooters by Michael Freeby
Photo by Michael Freeby

Have you ever been surprised by something you learned on the show? 

Whenever a non-porn star does my podcast only to reveal that they're about to world premiere an OnlyFans or something porn-related I'm always shocked. I'm like, I thought I was going to talk about your new country single or your appearance on RuPaul's Drag Race! But I love that this era is so wild.

Who has been your favorite podcast guest? 

I love Stevie Boi! Not necessarily for our podcast episode, but because he's so sexy. I believe he offered to cook me dinner. I'm still down, Stevie Boi.

Who’s your dream “get” as a guest? 

Bob Mackie and Marc Jacobs! I want Chris Walsh (aka Chris W The Star), so I can find out how he makes those bedazzled Swarovski bodysuits, and I would love to find out Lucas Dell and Alam Wernik's skincare secrets. I would love to have Tiger King Joe Exotic. Conversationally, I'd love to speak with porn superfan Francis Mastro Roman. Oh, and Nick Wilson and I are gonna need a rematch to that pillow fight.

Hooters by Michael Freeby
Photo by Michael Freeby

Are you surprised about the success of the podcast? 

Yes! Given how narrow, niche and honestly controversial the topic at hand is I felt it would be at a major disadvantage in terms of promoting it. And now it's at #68 on iTunes China, #64 on the main iTunes chart in Canada, and top 200 on iTunes Australia. I'm screaming!

What other podcasts do you listen to?

I love Jonny McGovern! All his shows, podcasts, and music! Obviously, Jonny and the late Lady Red's “Hey Qween!” was a massive influence. I loved that the show was so curated, and every episode was so high energy and exciting. You already know I've been watching Jonny's new show, “Go-Go For The Gold!”

Hooters by Michael Freeby
Photo by Michael Freeby

Michael Answers the Socialite Seven

Who has had the biggest influence on you and why?

Fabio, the Spice Girls, and Angelyne the Billboard Queen! I don't like butter or faux butter, but I loved how Fabio turned being a sexy himbo into a whole brand. I was also always obsessed with the sexy, supergay magazines from the beginning of the millennium like DNA, Instinct, and Blue.

What current fashion trend are you least fond of?

I hate sweatpants! I also don't like that the era of OnlyFans is having an “opposite effect” on some people. For example, someone whose content may have been primarily flawless Swarovski bodysuits (Chris Walsh I'm looking at you!) is now always wearing plain Calvin Klein underwear. I like the blatant sexuality of the era, but I don't necessarily like the obsession with monetization.

Hooters by Michael Freeby
Photo by Michael Freeby

What talent or superpower would you like to wake up with tomorrow?

Any of Emma Frost or Cassandra Nova's! Although Nightwing Dick Grayson's abilities to seamlessly glide from building to building, do all kinds of midair backflips, use Escrima sticks, and have the world's tightest waist and most flawless buttocks would be very desirable as well.

Who would you want to play you in the movie of your life?

I feel like Manu Rios, Finn Wolfhard, Ander Wolfson or Kodi Smit-McPhee would be amazing choices. It has to be someone who can be excessively sexy – I mean, obviously – but also someone who possesses unique, distinct qualities.

What are three things you can’t live without? 

SPF 100, baby lotion, and a good highlighter stick. Hahaha.

Hooters by Michael Freeby
Photo by Michael Freeby

“Future Fashion Icons” is available on iTunes and all major music and podcast platforms. Follow Michael on Twitter.



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