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Twitter Thinks Rami Malek’s ‘I’m a Fan’ Video Gives Off Serial Killer Vibes

Twitter Thinks Rami Malek’s ‘I’m a Fan’ Video Gives Off Serial Killer Vibes

Rami Malek I'm A Fan video for Mandarin Oriental hotels

Oscar winner Rami Malek has been making lots of news lately. He won an Oscar and then he fell off the Oscar stage after he won his Oscar.

He won a Golden Globe and then was “snubbed” by Nicole Kidman.

However, the latest bit of Rami Malek infamy is boarding on bizarre.

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A new ad that Malek has made for Mandarin Oriental hotels, in which he lists the various things that he is a “fan” of is creeping out the Twitterverse.

Rami’s natural speaking flow tends to be a bit stunted and choppy, which heightens the oddness of it all just a bit more. He also comes off as super serious, which doesn’t really play that well with the vibe of the content.

Watch the video for yourself and see what you think.

The video is, let’s say, just a tad unsettling.

In typical form, Twitter had a field day with this. Here are some of the best reactions.

Rami Malek might be playing the next Bond villain, so if he plans on turning up the creep level in that role, he’ll know what to do already.

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