Rege-Jean Page loves ‘natural scents’

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Rege-Jean Page loves “natural scents”.

The former ‘Bridgerton’ star finds fragrances boosted by eucalyptus, sandalwood as “grounding” and “be free and active”.

The 34-year-old actor told “I like natural scents. I like things that evoke the outdoors and sunshine. So things like eucalyptus will always lift my mood, things like sandalwood, things that are a little bit grounding, but also still fresh and kind of like being outside—being able to be free and active.”

Rege-Jean spilled that Ryan Gosling – his co-star in the upcoming thriller ‘The Grey Man' – “smells amazing” despite the admission potentially getting him into “trouble”.

He said: “I feel like no matter how you answer this question, you're gonna get in trouble. But Gosling smells amazing.”

The newly revealed face of Armani Code Parfum star revealed that to him “rain smells like home” but it represents something different to all the places he’s lived, such as Los Angeles and London.

Rege-Jean said: “Rain smells like almost all the homes [I grew up in], just in different ways. In London, rain can smell like damp commuters on the tube or on a bus, but it also smells like that sense of community you have when you're all trying to get out of the rain when you're recovering somewhere warm. Rain smells like sitting in front of the fire and trying to dry off. Rain smells like a hot environment like Los Angeles or [on] holiday where when it hits the soil it just kind of evaporates off the ground and smells like life. So rain smells like home.”

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