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RHOBH conflict! Erika Jayne confronted about alleged alcohol & pill use by Lisa Rinna in Season 12 trailer

RHOBH conflict! Erika Jayne confronted about alleged alcohol & pill use by Lisa Rinna in Season 12 trailer
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Watch out because these diamonds cut deep! The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 12 trailer just dropped, confirming what Radar told you — Erika Jayne‘s drinking and alleged pill use is a hot topic of conversation, and she’s confronted head-on by her closest castmate Lisa Rinna.

In the nearly three-minute clip dropped on Thursday, fans get a glimpse of Erika’s behavior that leaves the ladies of 90210 concerned. As Radar exclusively reported, the girls were worried the troubled star might be taking her extracurricular activities too far during a trip to Aspen, Colorado.

Rinna addressed the issue with the group — minus Erika — at a coffee shop, but producers were forced to stop filming because the singer-turned-housewife was not there to defend herself.


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The trailer cuts to several instances throughout the season where Erika admits “she’s lit,” and at one point, she even falls over as Rinna attempts to keep her on her feet.

“Take your anti-depressants or you drink, but you can’t do both,” Rinna tells Erika, demanding she gets a grip on herself.

While Radar is told Rinna spat off accusations about Erika’s boozy behavior in Aspen, Garcelle Beauvais is also seen confronting the star about her drinking.

“The last couple of times I saw you, you were a little tipsy,” she says during a dinner with Erika, to which the latter responds by drinking water.


Erika’s alleged consumption issues aren’t the only reason she’s under a microscope. The brand-new trailer also reveals she’s continuing to battle her co-stars over the allegations that her husband embezzled money from orphans and widows.

At one point, she’s seen going off on Crystal Minkoff about the ordeal.

“You want to be on the side of the victims ’cause you think that’s cool. What I’m telling you is, ‘I don’t give a f— about anybody else but me,'” Erika shouts. The camera then pans to Kyle Richards and Sutton Stracke, who drop their jaws as soon as those words come out of her mouth.

The clip also shows Erika feuding with Crystal’s on-screen BFF.

“Is that to make Erika look bad or is that out of genuine concern?” the singer asks Garcelle with a stone-cold look. The longtime Hollywood actress snaps back, putting her castmate in her place.

“Erika, I don’t have to make you look bad, you can do that on your own,” Garcelle calmly responds.

Of course, Erika’s drinking and alleged pill issues aren’t the only tough topics to watch. The upcoming season is full of hardships, including Rinna’s mom passing away, Dorit Kemsley‘s terrifying home robbery, and Kyle feuding with her big sister, Kathy Hilton.

RHOBH Season 12 is set to air on May 11.



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