RHOBH star Kathy Hilton DID NOT pay ‘assistant’ $27K to launch smear campaign against Lisa Rinna

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Kathy Hilton didn't pay anyone $27,000 to launch a false smear campaign against Lisa Rinna. Sources tell Radar that the man, who claimed to be Hilton's assistant before identifying himself as an alleged private marketing manager, is full of BS.

“Kathy has no connection to this person, she does not know him and did not hire him,” an insider familiar with the situation revealed to Radaronline.com, adding the man allegedly “completely made up and fabricated” the story.

This matches what sources have already told us — the male reportedly executed an over-the-top false narrative, with insiders claiming he was just trying to capitalize on his “15 minutes of fame.”



Over the weekend, Rinna shared a message sent to her by someone who threatened to “expose” her. His phone number was clearly displayed in the message.

In return, he shared the outspoken RHOBH star's private number. When fans called the man's cell, the message allegedly stated, “hello this is the executive assistant of Kathy Hilton.”

Radaronline.com is told that Hilton did NOT hire him for his marketing whiz, nor was he ever employed as her assistant.

The man later changed his tune, claiming he was a private marketing manager who was hired to run a smear campaign against Rinna. He alleged he was paid more than $27,000 to “draw attention away from his client.”



“All narratives associated with my campaign are false,” he added. Rinna reposted his confession but later deleted it.

Sources familiar with the situation revealed Hilton's team quickly informed Rinna's that the man had no ties to the hotel chain matriarch, causing her costar to delete the messages on her social media.

Radaronline.com is told that Hilton and Rinna have not spoken directly about the incident, but it's water under the bridge as far as they are concerned.

Fans raised their eyebrows as soon as the man claimed he was hired by her to run the mudslinging campaign.



“It makes absolutely no sense. This guy claims he signed an NDA and would have just ruined his ‘career.' We're not buying it,” one person wrote. “Kathy Hilton can afford a crème de la crème legal team and PR relations team, but instead she chose this guy? Yeah ooookay Rinna,” shared another.

Radar reached out to the man for comment. So far, no word back.

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