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Say “Hola!” to Drag Race Mexico Season One winner Cristian Peralta

Say “Hola!” to Drag Race Mexico Season One winner Cristian Peralta

Crisitan Peralta

Add another star to the ever-growing Drag Race universe. The talented Crisitan Peralta reigned over 10 fellow fierce queens to snatch the crown and take the title of Mexico’s Next Drag Superstar on the drama-packed first season of Drag Race Mexico.  

Hailing from San Pedro, Tlaquepaque, this queen has been entertaining audiences for 15 years, three of which have been in the world of drag showcasing her talent as a comedian, dancer, makeup artist, and impersonator. After delivering stunning runway looks and a fabulous Snatch Game, paying homage to Mexican actress Verónica Castro, this stunning queen proved she had the charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent to emerge victorious.

We were able to get a quick chat with the soon-to-be very busy queen. Get to know her because she’s a winner, baby!

Crisitan Peralta

Congratulations! How do you feel having just won Drag Race Mexico

Wow, I’m feeling really grateful to the universe for allowing me to live the experience. I am so happy and content to be the first superstar queen of Drag Race Mexico!

What does this win mean to you?

It is a great reward for my years of work, effort and dedication, but at the same time a great responsibility to reach more people and show that drag is a multidisciplinary art. They should value it, appreciate it, just like any other respected profession.

It’s been a phenomenal season filled with twists and turns and some exceptional talent from you and your sisters. Can you tell us some of your highlights and proudest moments from the season?

Stepping up the challenges while still hearing my inner saboteur and speaking in Stan Dop about my intimacy. I was afraid to show my vulnerable side and what Cristian Peralta is really like!

What has been your biggest takeaway from the season?

The fears and stereotypes that mark a society – they never stopped me from shining like now!

Did you discover anything surprising about yourself while on the show? 

That you can make a healthy reality show and create bonds of sisterhood, camaraderie – and I can really make great friends!

How did you get in to drag? Tell us about your journey as a drag queen.

I was 18 years old, and I saw a wonderful drag show for the first time, and I fell in love at first sight when I saw so much color, magic and the joy they gave to people – I said I have to be a part of it. At 2 years old, I performed a talent contest which I managed to win at the Ricky Lips show and from there my career as a professional began, meeting great artists and singers from the entertainment industry such as Verónica Castro, Gloria Trevi, Alejandra Guzmán among others!

What can fans expect next from you now that you are officially the winner of this season?

First, I want to encourage respect for our profession. I am about to release my new musical single, preparing a new show and elevating Mexican drag and more surprises! 

Crisitan Peralta

Catch up on all the drama of the first season of Drag Race Mexico on WOW Presents Plus. Follow Cristian on Instagram and Facebook.



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