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The Week in Drag – the RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 8 acting challenge, say “hola” to the queens of Drag Race Mexico, dreamy new makeup from Trixie and more

The Week in Drag – the RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 8 acting challenge, say “hola” to the queens of Drag Race Mexico, dreamy new makeup from Trixie and more

RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 8 episode 4

Hello, hello, hello! Welcome to a holiday edition of our weekly wrap-up of all things Drag Race. The queens of All Stars season 8 got ready for their close ups and filmed hilarious TV trailers and we’ve got a recap for you in case you missed the hilarity and fierce fashions.

In addition, we welcome 11 new queens to the international Drag Race family with the ru-veal of the queens of Drag Race Mexico and Drag Race UK season two stunner Tayce gets “exposed”. All this and more are waiting for you, so let’s bring it to the runway!

This week, on RuPaul’s Drag Race All Starsthe queens had to put their acting skills to the test and serve bootylicious fashions on the runway. As the episode opens, we check in with the queens after Kasha’s elimination. We find out it was a very close vote, with 4 queens voting to say goodbye to Darienne and 5 who picked Kasha. Darienne acknowledges she’s on shaky ground and is hoping for a Ru-demption. Heidi, who was visibly frustrated during Untucked last week says she feels unseen. 

The next day, Ru (in a stunning leopard print coat) tells the queens that for the week’s maxi challenge, they have to create trailers for sickening new scripted series which means, yes, it’s acting challenge time. In order to create random teams of three, the Pit Crew is employed for the old balloon pop gag. The balloons conceal colored confetti that determined the queen’s team.  After a lot of innuendos and some balloon-popping thrusting, we have our teams. Team Green is LaLa, Kahanna and Heidi; Team Purple is Kandy, Jessica and Jimbo and Team Blue is Darienne, Jaymes and Alexis.  Michelle Visage is once again putting on her director hat and each team needs to create their own original key art for their show.  I can’t wait to see how this tuns out…

As the teams begin work on their trailers, Jaymes admits it’s a bit awkward working with Darienne, who she had voted to eliminate twice and Alexis is worried that the team’s premise, a Lost-esque show where the “others” are dead celebrities, is a bit convoluted. Heidi’s team decides to go the action route with the tale of a “two bumbling fools” attempting to kidnap a queen  (bet you can’t guess who is cast as who here) and over on Team Jimbo, Kandy is a girl who definitely CAN say “no” as she shoots down every idea that her teammates propose. They do come to a (probably reluctant) consensus ad elect a high school revenge horror series mixing Mean Girls with Carrie.

The teams then head into the studio to film their trailers.  Kandy, Jessica and Jimbo are really raunchy. I mean, when Michelle has to point it out, you know it’s over the top. But, as Jimbo says, drag is all about taking chances and testing boundaries (ad they certainly did with this trailer.)  Up next are Heidi, LaLa ad Kahanna. As Michelle said, LaLa and Heidi were out of their minds. –  both with their looks and their voices as the inept wannabe criminals. Kahanna struggled to keep up with the lunacy (but she looked amazing.) Darienne’s team didn’t fare quite so well, with Jaymes garbling her lines and Michelle definitely not having them.

The runway theme this week is” Ass the World Turns” and the queens definitely served DAT AZZ. Jaymes paid tribute to her Mexican and Indigenous heritage in a very un-Jaymes (but lovely) Aztec goddess look. Darienne looked amazing in a Barbarella-inspired look and Alexis was bridal elegance in the front, party in the back with a provocative cutout showing off her assets.  Kandy was a pastel latex anime fantasy, with over-inflated ponytails, boobs and (of course) bum, and Jessica was a vision in white. Jimbo gave her trademark ridiculous breastplate  but not only in the front – she used a second one to create an exaggerated booty in a tie-dye bodysuit. Heidi showed us what it would look like if Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh was a stripper, Kahanna was a very naughty nurse and LaLa wore a red two-piece suit wi a back that revealed flesh and chains.

The videos were a mixed bag for sure. “Get Off Island” (Jaymes, Alexis and Darienne) had it’s moments – mainly due to Darienne’s delightfully ditzy character, Alexis’ take on Agnes Moorehead from Bewitched and a fun Marilyn Monroe impersonation from Jaymes.  “Best Friends 4 Never” (Kandy, Jimbo and Jessica) managed to tone down the overt raunchiness and deliver a pretty solid trailer. Kandy and Jessica made great mean girls and Jimbo was great as the put-upon student who gets her revenge.  Lastly, “Run Queen, Run” (Heidi, LaLa and Kahanna) was s chaotic as you would expect (and Heidi and LaLa together are a scream.)

Ru judges the queens as teams this week and declares Jimbo, Jessica and Kandy as the week’s winners. Heidi, LaLa and Kahanna are safe, leaving Jaymes, Darienne and Alexis in the bottom. Jimbo is the week’s big winner and faces off against true lip sync assassin Shannel (the OG in my book.) The pair rock out to Joan Jett’s “Bad Reputation” and even though Jimbo embodies the song in real life (IMHO), Shannel is a force of nature and gets the victory. She reveals her lipstick and the queens chose to send Darienne home.

Next week, we set sail for the Snatch Game of Love with Matt Rogers and Bowen Yang as the eligible bachelors. I think this could be one for the ages.     

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If you’re a makeup fan, get your wallet ready. Trixie Mattel is back with some fierce new products from Trixie Cosmetics. Watch as she reveals her new Pillow Princess collection with the gorge Stay the Night Shimmer Toppers, her first press-on nails and adorable accessories.

It’s not a punishment to watch Trixie and Katya cut up, and their latest (YouTube) episode of “UNHhhh” dealing with that topic is definitely a treat.

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As Drag Race continues its quest to take over the world, it’s time to meet the 11 fierce queens vying for the title of Mexico’s Next Drag Superstar on Drag Race Mexico. Season 9’s Valentina and Lolita Banana serve as the hosts for the latest international franchise. The 11 queens are Argennis, Cristian Peralta, Gala Varo, Lady Kero, Margaret Y Ya, Matraka, Miss Vallarta, Pixie Pixie, Regina Voce, Serena Morena and Vermelha NoirDrag Race Mexico premieres on June 22 on WOW Presents Plus. Paramount+ will also stream the series in the United States at a later, to-be-announced date.

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And that wraps things up for the latest Week in Drag. Until we meet again, stay healthy, stay safe, support the queens and say LOVE!



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