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Scarlett Johansson made husband Colin Jost test her new skincare line

Scarlett Johansson made husband Colin Jost test her new skincare line

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Scarlett Johansson made her husband Colin Jost test her new skincare line.

The 37-year-old actress – who has son Cosmo, seven months, with Colin as well as Rose, seven, with ex- husband Romain Dauriac and – revealed that her husband became the guinea pig for her new skincare line as he tested out the eye cream.

She said: “I’ve never had a partner who used eye cream before. I always forget to put eye cream on, even though my makeup artists always tell me to! [Colin] was the first one to use it regularly.”

The Academy Award winning star then went on to reveal that Colin has been using the cream – which is part of her new skin-care brand, The Outset – in “secret” over the course of the last year.

She told Allure: “He’s been using it secretly for a year. I think it makes him feel invigorated!”

Scarlett – whose line consists of five different products so far which include a cleanser and a vegan serum – also insisted that she has worked on the project personally for the past five years and was keen to dispute that the line was simply using her name.

She said: “This project to me was not a vanity project! I really spent five years familiarizing myself with this industry, and we’ve really been very mindful every step of the way of creating something that’s clean, effective, sustainable, and purpose-driven.

“I guess the bigger question is: does the world need another skin-care line in general?, which is something I thought about a lot. The idea to just license my name and have somebody else do it for me, because it would be much easier and less risky in some ways, was floated by me. But if you can feel like a brand may help shift the standard in any way, I think that’s positive.”



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