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Sleepy Celebrities — SL Photo Flashback

Sleepy Celebrities — SL Photo Flashback

Sleepy Celebrities
Sleepy Celebrities
Sleepy Celebrities
Sleepy Celebrities
Sleepy Celebrities +34
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Sleepy Celebrities

Celebrities lead a hectic lifestyle with their working schedules being all over the place.

So it is no wonder that they can get a little sleepy at times. Sometimes, when they’re not looking their alert best, they are snapped by the paparazzi.

Occasionally, the photo is just taken at the “wrong” moment and it just looks as if they are sleepy. We’ll never know which it is.

Sleepy Celebrities
Ben Affleck outside the Renaissance hotel in downtown Washington DC USA – 18.01.09 Credit: Tommy Gravad /

Socialite Life debuted back in 2003. As a tribute to the thousands of articles and photos that we’ve published over the years, we have reached back into our vault to bring you this SL Flashback.

These flashbacks showcase some of our favorite posts and galleries. This gallery was originally published on January 27, 2009.

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