Teach Your Kids the A-B-C’s With the Help of Nina West

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Nina West

One of our favorite queens, season 11’s Nina West, is back with another infectious song for the kiddos. After teaching us all that “Drag is Magic”, the reigning Miss Congeniality is back with a new spin on the alphabet song.

In her new video for ‘The Drag Alphabet”, Nina and some adorable kids (I am living for the little one in the enormous blond wig) run through the A-B-C’s with some common words associated with drag. For example, “F” is for “fierceness”, “R” is for “Ru” and “N” is for “Nina.”

Nina West

Among Nina’s kiddie chorus are  2 very special young women – Daniela Maucere a deaf teen from Burbank, CA and Ivy Alona, an openly Transgender, deaf 9-year-old, who sign the alphabet and associated words using ASL to include the deaf and hard of hearing while also teaching all children how to sign.

Nina West

Nina says that “I wanted to use my platform to teach the children of the world a new way to learn their ABC’s in a fun way while also teaching them some fundamental words and phrases from Drag culture. I want everyone to be able to be included and to learn alongside each other, so I was so thrilled when Dani and Ivy agreed to come and help teach me, as well as the audience how to sign The Drag Alphabet.” She added Dani and Ivy “inspire me to learn and keep teaching peo0ple that underrepresented communities like ours need voices, but they also need to do it in fun and educational ways.”

Nina West

I grew up with Sesame Street, but I would have loved to learn my alphabet from Nina. She’s making strides in providing representation for queer youth. As she told Billboard, “We want to provide these kids with a bright and beautiful educational entertainment opportunity that gives them the chance to see themselves and feel worthy,” she says. “I don't know why the message of telling a child that they are worthy or loved, regardless of the source, is so problematic to some.” 

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