The Five — A Dancing Toddler, a Duck and a Baby, a Baby Elephant, Sesame Street and a Powerful Protesting Moment

Dancing Toddler

This is The Five, our daily run down five things that we are passionate about, are obsessed with, give us a laugh, or are truly inspirational.

Today in The Five, we are featuring a little dancing dude, a duck pulling a baby, a baby elephant enjoying a drink, talking to your kids about racism, and a powerful protest moment.

ONE: A Little Guy Jamming

Bounce it!

TWO: Nothing to See Here

Just a duck pulling a baby.

THREE: Baby Ziwadi

Getting his drink on.

FOUR: Yes, You Can Talk to Your Kids About Racism

Take it from Sesame Street.

FIVE: Protests Are Powerful

Do your part in this movement.



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