The Five — Kimberly Guilfoyle Speaks, She’s Just Not Feeling It, WAP It Out, Tired Kitty and Kimberly Guilfoyle Is Inspirational

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Kimberly Guilfoyle Speaks

This is The Five, our run down five things that make us laugh or smile, are passionate about, are obsessed with, can't wait for, are truly inspirational, or are worthy of a little (or a lot of) shade.

Today in The Five, we are featuring Kimberly Guilfoyle speaks, she's just not feeling it, WAP it out, tired kitty and Kimberly Guilfoyle is inspirational.


Kimberly Guilfoyle: The Best Is Yet to Come!

I'm crying laughing while watching this on a loop.


She's Just Not Feeling It


Went to my niece’s outdoor dance recital and witnessed this legend. #dancrecital #legend

♬ original sound – Caleb

Do your own thing, little girl.


WAP It Out

The doggy even joins in!


Tired Kitty

Sleepy time.


Kimberly Guilfoyle Is Inspirational

The reactions are priceless.

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