The Week in Drag: Blair St. Clair, Shuga Cain, Willam & More

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Blair St. Clair

This week’s post is bursting at the seams with news and updates from your favorite Drag Race queens, including Blair St. Clair, Shuga Cain, Willam and Ru herself. Let’s get into it!

This week on RuPaul's Drag Race, it was time for the eagerly-awaited “Snatch Game”! Check out our recap and hear even more critiques, disputes and salutes on our favorite podcasts, “What the Tuck?” and “Race Chaser”.

The stunningly beautiful Mariah Balenciaga joins Manila Luzon for this week's episode of “The Pit Stop”. Aquaria and Raja (with a little help from Raven) rate the looks of last week’s “hoedown showdown” on “Fashion Photo Ruview”.

After her elimination, Ra'jah spoke with MTV about her time on the show. Regarding her elimination, she revealed that, “I 100 percent I got in my own head. That inner saboteur Ru speaks about is definitely real. There are things that create that self-saboteur, too. Like being in the bottom three times, being overlooked. It’s hard to stand out in a group of girls that have so much personality. I know now what I have could have done differently.”

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Ra'jah recreates her Capricorn-inspired look from the zodiac challenge in this makeup tutorial and showcased the outfits she didn’t get to bring to the runway on “Whatcha Packin’” with Michelle Visage.  

Did you know that season 11's Sugah Cain has her own web series? Check out “Sugah in the Raw” as she dishes about the latest episode, joking that she ate her farm-to-runway outfit. She also spills the tea on how the queens created their boobs for the hilarious sack race mini challenge. I love me some Sugah.

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RuPaul is profiled in the May issue of Vogue. Discussing the latest of his many upcoming projects, the Netflix series AJ and the Queen, Ru had trepidation about showing fans the behind the scenes moments in his transformation from mortal to queen. He said, “In my career, I’ve been able to show certain angles. I’ve been able to paint on a face and edit what I presented. I thought by doing this acting project, I would be exposing myself to the world: the raw, unfiltered self. But what I found out yesterday was that I was exposing myself to myself. I got to see the parts of me that even I didn’t allow myself to recognize or acknowledge. I had thought, I’m going to be naked to the world. No, I was naked to myself.”

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From season 1's Victoria “Porkchop” Parker to season 10's Vanessa “Vanjie” Mateo (and this week’s Flashback interview subject, Venus D’Lite), The Advocate catches up with the Drag Race alums who had to sashay away first on each season. I think the first queen eliminated from season two did alright for herself…

Wig, a new HBO documentary about New York drag culture, and the 2018 revival of the legendary event, Wigstock, is set to debut at the Tribeca Film Festival on May 4th. After the screening there will be an epic drag performance hosted by Wigstock’s founder, the legendary Lady Bunny. The premiere of Wig will cap off a day-long event on May 4 called Tribeca Celebrates Pride featuring a variety of panels and guest speakers from the LGTBQ community.

If you love Willam even a little bit as much as I do, you’ll appreciate this documentary.

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Wilam’s Race Chaser co-host, Alaska, has announced the contestants for her inaugural Drag Queen of the Year competition, which happens at the conclusion of Drag Con weekend in Los Angeles. Could there be some future Drag Race competitors here?

Manila Luzon channels 90s dance music favorites Dee-Lite in her latest video for the song “Hella Horny”, featuring Cazwell.

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Some of Drag Race's most colorful queens – A'keira Davenport, Asia O'Hara, Detox, Mariah Balenciaga, Morgan McMichaels, Silky Nutmeg Ganache, Soju, Sonique, and Mayhem Miller are featured in a fierce video for Lizzo's song “Juice.” The video can be exclusively viewed on World of Wonder’s YouTube channel, WOW Presents. Lizzo (who is awesome) just released her debut album, “Cuz I Love You”. 

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Still want more videos? Check out UNAPOLOGETICALLY, a visual narration of songs from Monét X Change's debut EP.

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Congrats to Courtney Act and her partner Joshua Keefe, who have made it to the finals on Australia's Dancing with the Stars. On last week's episode, Courtney danced out of drag with Joshua to a sultry cover of Britney Spears' “Toxic.” She shared a video of the performance to Instagram, commenting, “Two boys dancing together on Dancing With The Stars. First time in the Anglosphere!”

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Season ten favorite Blair St. Clair spoke with the UK's GayStarNews and when asked if she'd be interested in returning for a season of All-Stars, she said, “If you were to ask me if I’m ready to film an All-Stars season and if I’d do well, I’d say yes. I’m ready. I’ve spent a long time harnessing my craft and strengthened my weaker areas. I would feel confident going into it. Would I do it? That’s another question. I’d have to evaluate whether it’d be good for my career. I’d have to see whether it would add more experience and exposure to my brand. If it hurts me, I wouldn’t do it.

What an action-packed week! With so many busy queens, we are sure to have more updates, videos and interviews coming your way and we are here to share them with you. Until next week, everybody say LOVE!

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