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The Week in Drag – Canada’s Drag Race kicks off Season 3, Trixie and Juno Birch’s new collab, Willam gets painted, and more

The Week in Drag – Canada’s Drag Race kicks off Season 3, Trixie and Juno Birch’s new collab, Willam gets painted, and more

Canada’s Drag Race

Hello, hello, hello and welcome to another week full of more drag than you can handle from all around the world!

This week, we met the queens competing to be Canada’s next drag superstar on the third season of Canada’s Drag Race. We are also getting close to the finish line for season seven of All Stars and we take a look back at the well-done roast and last week’s unforgettable and revealing fashions.

We also catch up with the queens of Drag Race France as well as some of our favorites – including Trixie, Willam Bob, Peppermint, and Courtney Act – just to name a few. With all this fabulousness, there’s no better time to bring it to the runway!

First off, condragulations to the cast and crew of RuPaul’s Drag Race for scoring a whopping 11 Emmy nominations! Season 14 was nominated (again) for Outstanding Competition Program and Ru was (again) nominated as Outstanding Host for a Reality or Competition Program. Michelle Visage’s web series “What’cha Packin’” was also recognized as a nominee for Outstanding Short Form Nonfiction or Reality Series. (Where was Raven? Her makeup skills definitely deserved the recognition, as well as her fab series Painted with Raven, but we can’t always get everything we want, now can we?) Congrats, Ru and crew!

This week on RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars, the queen-testants once again put their comedic skills to the test, and light up the runway in some dazzling, glowing fashions. As the episode opens, Raja learns that there were no secrets revealed by being the recipient of the platinum plunger, and she’s not happy about it. With 0nly two challenges to go in the competition, all eyes are on Jaida and Jinkx, who both have 3 legendary legend stars (and Jinkx has four challenge wins under her belt), and Shea, the only single-star queen, is getting nervous.

Ru enters the werk room and announces that the queens are all the latest inductees into the Kennedy Davenport Center Honors Hall of Shade and, as part of that, they will be roasting their fellow All Stars. In order to determine their performance order, Ru devises a fun way to do so, involving balloons, thrusting, and the Pit Crew. Each queen has to get behind one of the fellas and pop a confetti-filled balloon – the color of which determines their spot. Hey, it was easier than putting the pressure on Monét to decide, right?

The queens are coached for their roasts by “the hilarious” Ross Matthews and comedian Solomon Georgio, who I certainly gave the dolls more advice than we were privy to witnessing (I hope they at least gave him plenty of House of Love cocktails for his time.) Jinkx, the most obvious comedy queen this season, felt this challenge was in her wheelhouse whole The Vivienne was worried her British humor wouldn’t translate across the pond. On the stage, the queens all knocked it out of the park (as expected) and we got a surprise appearance from “Wintergreen”, a/k./a Drag Race crew member Sarge, who was memorably made over to be Peppermint’s drag daughter back in season 9. Raja kicked things off and revealed a great sense of comic timing and some strong jokes. Jinkx, not surprisingly, gave a strong performance and Trinity was deemed “unexpectedly funny” by the judges (including this week’s guest judge, Ronan Farrow.) Monét delivered my favorite zinger, calling Jaida “the ”mess-ance of beauty” (and also slayed on the dais.) The only queen to stumble was Jaida, whose roast was even funnier when she worked her inability to land a punchline into her routine. 

The theme on the runway this week was “All Glowed Up” and the looks were truly spectacular. Raja’s outfit was accented by red lasers, Yvie served a jaw-dropping luminescent look, evoking glowing mushrooms (I would have also accepted jellyfish realness.) Jinkx stunned in a billowing white gown that lit up with flames, giving the illusion of a witch being burned at the stake. Trinity used Led strips to dramatic effect and Monét gave us a beautiful, starlit blue gown. Shea was. Bright sunflower, Jaida served up a beautiful mermaid fantasy, and The Vivienne brought wings back to the runway and her soft, luminous feathers made for a beautiful sight.

Ru, as Ru do, changed the rules once again, stating that the platinum plunger has been retired and that there are no more blocks. Then she declared Jinkx and Trinity as the week’s top two. The lip sync song was “Kings and Queens” by Ava Max and both gave their all. In the end, Ru declared the winner. Next week is the last challenge before the finale and the queens have one last chance to showcase their talents in a variety show. Who will make the top 4 (besides Jinkx, of course)? Find out next week!   

Last week, the season seven All Stars brought some truly amazing fashions to the runway in the “What Lies Beneath” challenge. Yuhua Hamasaki and Silky Nutmeg Ganache peel back the layers and give us their “Bootleg Opinions” on all of the looks. 

Celebrity interviewer extraordinaire Joseph Shepherd and Laganja Estranga talk through last week’s episode, from the TikTok dance challenges to the dazzling runway looks on the latest episode of “Queening Out.”

Live from Chicago, Raja and Jinkx join Batty Davis and Kara Mel D’Ville for the Roscoe’s Viewing Party of last week’s episode. (Naysha Lopez has been conspicuously absent from the last few viewing parties. Could she be possibly taping something…like the long-rumored “early outs and fan favorites” season of All Stars? Hmmm…

Our current All Stars take part in a “compliment battle” for Teen Vogue. The game entails reading random complimentary tweets and attempting to crack each other up. They all succeed – and entertain us in the process. I really love this cast.

Season three of Canada’s Drag Race debuted Thursday night, introducing us to 12 competitors from the Great White North, battling it out to see who will follow Priyanka and Icesis Couture as Canada’s Next Drag Superstar. In case you don’t have WOW Presents Plus (and you really should – there’s so much fantastic content there!) check out the season premiere’s first mini challenge, as the queens take part in a fashion show.

Canada’s Drag Race alums Pythia and Eve 6000 dissect the queens’ promo looks on “Slap or Scrap.”

Across the miles, the queens of Drag Race France were tasked last week to craft Cannes Film Festival red carpet-worthy looks from pool toys. Adriana and Scarlet Envy toot and boot the looks on “Fashion Photo Ruview.”

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If you pay attention to current events (as you should), you know that gun violence is a big problem in our country. Bob and Peppermint discuss this hot topic in the first of their new monthly Black Queer Town Hall videos.

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Courtney Act gets schooled in the way of the wig, as she gets a tutorial on how to create a beautiful wavy style.

Laganja is back with the second part of her vlog detailing her experience on the Werk the World tour.

Gottmik and Violet are back to talk fashion, giving us their (always unfiltered) opinions on the latest fashions to hit the runway from the fall and winter collections from Balenciaga, Dior, Valentino and more.

And that’s a wrap on another week of news and updates from the world of RuPaul’s Drag Race. Until next week, stay safe, stay healthy and say LOVE!



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