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The Week in Drag – Jinkx Monsoon, brings back Little Edie, Tammie Brown’s spooky surprise, on tour with Trixie Mattel and more

The Week in Drag – Jinkx Monsoon, brings back Little Edie, Tammie Brown’s spooky surprise, on tour with Trixie Mattel and more

Jinkx Monsoon brings back Little Edie

Hello, hello, hello, and welcome to a slightly abbreviated version of the latest news from the queens of RuPaul’s Drag Race universe. With Halloween just around the corner, we have some festive frights from Tammie Brown, ghoulish treats from Violet and Gottmik, and costume inspiration from Jaymes Mansfield.

We also check in with our international queens as our favorite Ru-cappers and fashion mavens discuss the latest runway looks from Drag Race UK and Drag Race Philippines.

In addition, we have videos to make you smile from Trixie and Katya and we shine the spotlight on trans excellence with a gorgeous photoshoot and interviews with Peppermint, Kylie and more. Sit back and enjoy the charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent as we bring it to the runway! 

Willow Pill and Ellie Diamond join the gang (Naysha Lopez, Batty Davis, Kara Mel D’Ville) at Chicago’s legendary Roscoes’ for the latest Drag Race UK season 4 watch party and, as always, tea was spilled. 

Get another perspective on Drag Race UK as the “Binge Queens” – Crystal Methyd, Daya Betty, Jiggly Caliente and Silky Nutmeg Ganache – dissect the latest episode. Enjoy this sneak peek and get full episodes at WOW Presents Plus

Raja and Raven toot and boot the looks from the latest  Drag Race UK design challenge on “Fashion Photo Ruview”. Watch what happens when the queens pair up to create complementary looks perfect for a Drag Bingo event. 

Yuhua Hamasaki and Pythia dissect the Bingo looks from  Drag Race UK on the latest edition of “Bootleg Opinions.” 

It’s a fashion two-for as Rock M. Sakura and Ongina toot and boot the “Let There Be Light” and “Best Drag” looks from Drag Race Philippines on another “Fashion Photo Ruview.”

The always stunning Aja, Gigi Goode, Gottmik, Jiggly Caliente, Kylie Sonique Love, Laganja Estranja and Peppermint gather together in a historical photoshoot to celebrate and honor trans trailblazers. Go behind the scenes and hear from the iconic queens themselves as they discuss their respective journeys, honor queer history, and celebrate the future of Trans Excellence during #LGBTQHerstoryMonth at RuPaul’s Drag Race.

The iconic Shangela is killing it on Dancing with the Stars and here she talks about the experience with the radiant Jennifer Hudson

Need some spooky fun? Tammie Brown’s Halloween Spectacular premieres on OUTtv on 10/21.  The hilarious variety show stars Tammie Brown and Kelly Mantle, along with ghouls and goblins and guest star appearances by Sonique Love, April Carrión, Fena Barbitall, Todd Glass, and the Sugarbaker Twins. It also features two new Tammie Brown songs, “Soothsayer” and “Pumpkin Blaster.” Tammie herself promises, “It will be a rip-roaring event.”The special also sees the return of Kelly Mantle’s zany alter-ego from Meet the Browns, Sheila.

“People love Sheila because she has no filter, no censor and no shame,” Mantle explains.  “She says what we’re all thinking. She’s bold and blunt, but it goes down smooth like a Pumpkin latte mixed with Southern Comfort.” Tammie Brown’s Halloween Spooktacular will be available to stream and on AppleTV+ via the OUTtv Channel. For more information, visit

Not scary enough for you? Well, check out the trailer for the Boulet Brothers’ Dragula: Titanswhich premieres on October 25th on Shudder (and AMC+). The trailer is giving us “Fear Factor meets Drag Race” vibes and gives us our first peek at the guest judges, including Joe Bob Briggs, Katya and Cassandra Peterson (a/k/a Elvira.) 

If you are in search of some Halloween costume inspiration, check out this video, as Jaymes Mansfield pays tribute to Lady Bunny with her last Party City wig transformation.

Rock M Sakura eats the worst-rated Halloween candy. What is the worst thing you find in your Halloween candy bag? Rock tastes Good & Plenty, licorice, Tootsie Rolls, Smarties, Necco Wafers and the always divisive candy corn. What is the candy that’s more of a trick than a treat? Watch and find out. 

Violet and Gottmik prepare some sweet seasonal treats as they devote the latest episode of “No Gorge” to Halloween baking. 

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In the mood for love? Watch as Trixie and Katya talk all things seduction (including the band with Michelle Visage) on the latest ”UNHhhh”.

Jinkx Monsoon’s portrayal of Little Edie from Grey Gardens was a Snatch Game standout. On her new WOW Presents Plus series, Sketchy Queens, Jinkx brings Edie back to answer “Vague’s” 72 questions.

Jaymes Mansfield creates a vibrant pastel-hued look with a little help from the Holy Fairytale eyeshadow palette from Kim Chi Chic Beauty.

Trixie Mattel takes us behind the scenes of her “Grown Up” tour in the UK. 

And that’s all for this shortened version of the Week in Drag (I [promise lots more news next week.)

Since I missed last week, I am leaving you with the amazing new single from Ada Vox, recorded in honor of National Coming Out Day, called “Let My Love Shine.”  The beautiful song about finding strength and resilience through life’s toughest challenges offers a combination of electronic and dance music, with small gospel influences in the bridge.  “I’m known more for dramatic, heart-wrenching diva ballads, but this time around, I wanted to be able to spread joy and happiness,” she explains. “By the end of the song, every single listener should feel compelled to toss their fears aside and live their lives in a way that leads with positivity and light.”  Ada Vox’s “Let My Love Shine” is available on Spotify, Apple Music, and all major platforms. And with that, we’ll see you next week, so stay healthy, stay safe and say LOVE!



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