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The Week in Drag – Lip sync fashions, Jasmine Kennedie speaks, the queens pay tribute to J-Lo and more

The Week in Drag – Lip sync fashions, Jasmine Kennedie speaks, the queens pay tribute to J-Lo and more

RuPaul’s Drag Race

Hello, hello, hello and welcome to our latest recap of all things drag.

We are still in the middle of the longest season of RuPaul’s Drag Race ever, but at least we’ve got lots of great new content for you to enjoy from some of your favorite “Ru-cappers” taking on last week’s lip sync smackdown.

In the latest The Week in Drag, we also have wig wizardry from Jaymes Mansfield, advice from Bob and Monét and makeup reviews from Trixie Mattel. A lot happened in the Drag Race world thus week, so let’s get to it and, as always, bring it to the runway!

If you’re going to talk about an all-lip sync episode of Drag Race, it feels like it would be criminal not to invite established lip sync assassin Silky Nutmeg Ganache to offer her two cents on the performances. She joins Monét X Change to discuss the episode and share behind-the-scenes tales of All Stars 6 on “The Pit Stop.”

Season 9’s Aja joins Bob the Drag Queen to rate and review the smackdown performances and looks on “Purse First Impressions.”

While we didn’t get a proper runway on last week’s episode, the queens dressed to impress in their lip sync looks and Raja and Gottmik are here to toot and boot the dolls’ best dance costumes on “Fashion Photo Ruview.”

And, since there’s always room for a second (or even a bootleg) opinion, Yuhua Hamasaki and Alexis Michelle are here to dissect the smackdown looks on the latest episode of “Bootleg Opinions.”

Jasmine Kennedie, Lady Camden and Daya Betty join Naysha Lopez and Batty Davis (and spill behind the scenes tea) during last week’s Roscoe’s Viewing Party of the LaLaPaRuza lip sync smackdown.

Finally, after what felt like weeks, a queen was finally sent home – and I am actually going to miss her. Jasmine Kennedie and her beautiful bone structure talks about her experience on the show, her transition and her fashions with Michelle Visage on “Whatcha Packin’?”

On Tuesday night, Jennifer Lopez was honored with the Icon Award at the iHeartRadio Music Awards. POSE star Billy Porter and some of your favorite Drag Race alums paid tribute to J-Lo during the ceremony. Kerri Colby, Naysha Lopez, April Carrion, Morgan McMichaels, Kimora Blac, Jorgeous, Alyssa Hunter, Jessica Wild, Mariah Paris Balenciaga, and Laganja Estranja sashayed onto the stage in recreations of some of Jen’s most iconic looks and I can’t stop watching their entrances.

Trixie Mattel lives the luxe life and creates her face with expensive products. Will $1300 worth of makeup make a difference in Trixie’s look? Watch and find out.

The producers of Trixie and Katya’s “UNHhhh”, Ron and Jeff, have a new series coming to WOW Presents Plus called “Why R Humans.” Here’s the premise: In the future humans are extinct and robots rule the world. A sentient slot machine, lamp and jackhammer are members of the robot high council. They have unearthed ancient video chats of human celebrities sharing stories of sex, love, and money. In an effort to understand their creators better the robots watch these time capsules of humanity and ask themselves: Why R Humans? This is just one of the many new shows coming to the streaming service this spring and there’s no better tie to sign up. New subscribers get two months free with a WOW Presents Plus yearly subscription, sign up today:

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Bob and Monét may not be licensed therapists, but they do offer some sage advice to fans on the latest “Sibling Advicery.” Here the pair share tips on starting a podcast, discuss their early days of drag and help a listener going through a dry spell – and engage as always in some hilarious banter.

Bob has lots of opinions…on everything…and everyone…and here is a compilation of her talking about (and to) her predecessor, Violet Chachki.

On Rock M Sakura’s latest “We Have That At Home” video, she straps on her bald cap ad follows a Sasha Velour makeup tutorial video.  

Jaymes Mansfield treated us to two wig makeovers this week as part of her “Iconic Blondes” series. First, she traveled back to the 60s to recreate “At Last” singer Etta James’ trademark curls and then went back even further to 1959 to pay tribute to the OG doll, Barbie, and her iconic ponytail and striped swimsuit.  

And that’s it for this week. We leave you with new music from our favorite interviewer, Joseph Shepherd, who just released his debut single, “Don’t Call Me.” The video pays tribute to Scream and features Jimbo as Ghostface. Need I say more? Until we meet again, stay healthy, stay safe and say LOVE!



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