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The Week in Drag – Season 15’s lip sync face-off, Honey Davenport brings it on, Willam gets chatty and more

The Week in Drag – Season 15’s lip sync face-off, Honey Davenport brings it on, Willam gets chatty and more

RuPaul's Drag Race Season 15’s lip sync face-off

Hello, hello, hello! Welcome to our weekly wrap-up of the latest happenings from the world of drag.

This week, we review the latest episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race – one that truly gives the people what they want – and take a look back at last week’s acting challenge and runway looks. The international Drag Race family has once again expanded with the arrival of Drag Race Belgique and we get another sneak peek at the upcoming Drag Race Sverige.

Queens are in the hot seat this week with interviews from Joseph Shepherd (interviewing Willam) and Maddy Morphosis interviewing all-star Alexis Mateo. Since we love to keep you up-to-date on your favorite queens, we also have videos from Jaymes Mansfield, Bob the Drag Queen, Delta Work and Alaska. Let’s not waste another moment and let’s bring it to the runway!

This week on RuPaul’s Drag Race, the queens are challenged to showcase what they do best with the return of the “LipSync Lalaparuza Smackdown”. As the episode begins, the queens discuss last week’s challenge and Loosey is still a bit of a bitter Betty that she didn’t take top honors. Ru enters in a jacket with shoulder pads I haven’t seen since the Dynasty era and tells the queen-testants that they are entering the Thunderdome of drag. 

Since we have around 35 minutes to get through a lot of lip syncs, we head to the runway for the main event. Pit Crew member Bruno uses a bingo ball hopper to choose the first queen to compete – who then gets to pick her competitor. The first name drawn is Malaysia, who chooses Marcia. Since she was picked, Miss Marcia gets to choose the song and selects “Boys Don’t Cry” by Anitta. I suspect Malaysia underestimated Marcia, because she delivered what she promised – a “flipping good time.” Literally.

The second matchup is Loosey vs. Spice – who chooses the Joan Jett banger “Do You Want to Touch Me?” I loved Spice’s rocker look, complete with flaming orange locks and a flame-covered outfit, but Loosey brought the fire and she heads to the werk room to join Marcia.

Next up is Luxx, who picks Salina. Salina assumed Luxx thought she’d pick a song where she could buck up a storm, but she chose the ballad “It’s All Coming Back to Me Now” by Celine Dion. The song is a staple in Salina’s repertoire and it shows. To say Luxx is disappointed that she didn’t win is an understatement, as she angrily spun around and stomped to the back of the stage to join the others.

Mistress picks Jax, who picks Taylor Dayne’s “Tell It to My Heart” (and you know that song is a favorite of Mama Ru’s). Mistress kills it and heads backstage. Last up in round one is Anetra vs. Sasha, otherwise known as the match-up of the episode.  “I’m in Love with a Monster” by Fifth Harmony. The pair light up the stage – as we would expect anything less. I thought for sure this was a double shantay, but Anetra lost by what had to have been a singular duck feather.

Round 2 kicks off with Malaysia vs. Spice. Malaysia is “plucked” to realize she again doesn’t get to pick the song. Spice picks Camila Cabello’s “Don’t Go Yet.”  Last up, it’s a 3-way battle between Luxx, Anetra and Jax to the tune of Vanessa Williams’ “The Right Stuff.” This time, Luxx gets to stomp into the werk room, as she lives to slay another day (she was good, but she was also the only one who really seemed to know the words.)

It’s down to our bottom three and Ru being Ru, there’s a twist. Bruno draws Anetra’s name and Ru tells her she gets to pick her opponent, meaning whoever she doesn’t pick is safe. Surprisingly, she saves Spice (she didn’t feel it was “fair” for her to go up against such a strong lip syncer.) So, Jax finds herself in the bottom two again and faces off against Anetra to CeCe Peniston’s “Finally.” Anetra walks that duck all over the runway and sends Jax packing. You fought the good fight, my queen!  

 Last week, we witnessed the queens taking part in a slightly odd, Adult Swim-inspired comedy/acting challenge as we saw the return of “The Daytona Wind.” The attire may have been suited for colder temperatures, but the queens brought the fire to the runway in puffer-themed fashions. Kandy Muse and Bianca Del Rio talk us through the episode on the latest installment of “The Pit Stop.”

Raja (channeling Rihanna’s Super Bowl look) and Raven toot and boot the puffy runway creations on “Fashion Photo Ruview.”

Heidi N Closet and Yuhua Hamasaki take a closer look at the “Puffer Please” looks on “Bootleg Opinions.”

Rock M Sakura and Cash Monet discuss the episode as well as lots of other random topics.

DeJa Skye (who I still want to interview…message me) discusses the highs and lows of last week’s lip sync between Aura and Jax on “DeJa-Nalysis.”

Aura on “Whatcha Packin’?” Beyonce Coachella tribute.

Ready for more Drag Race? Check out the first look at the debut season of Drag Race Belgique. Meet the queens competing to be Belgium’s first “next drag superstar.” The series premiere, hosted by Rita Baga aired on Thursday and new episodes drop every Thursday at 11AM PT on WOW Presents Plus.

Sweden has entered the race! The latest international Drag Race spin-off, Drag Race Sverige, debuts on March 4th at 12:30pm PT, with a weekly roll out every Saturday at 5pm PT on WOW Presents Plus. The fabulous queen hosting the season is Robert Fux, who will be judging the queens each week through a variety of gag-worthy challenges and runway categories alongside judges stand-up comedian and radio and television host Farao Groth and Swedish-Nigerian singer and actress Kayo

What could arguably be one of the best international franchises, Drag Race España, is returning for a third season on WOW Presents Plus. This teaser doesn’t show much, but the fabulous Supremme De Luxe is again returning to host.

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I didn’t get to post this one last week and I had to share it. Honey Davenport and some fierce queens pay tribute to the cheerleading classic comedy Bring It On. Drag Race alums Mariah Paris Balenciaga, Angeria Paris VanMichaels and Salina Estitties join Suadé, Aziza Bijoü, Lucious T, Divinty and Finessa Jawn to bust some serious moves in front of some basketball players who are quite easy on the eyes.

Bob the Drag Queen and Ocean Kelly count down the most iconic verses of Drag Race’s musical challenges. I am glad to see my beloved “Kitty Girl” mentioned, but, once again, Shangela was robbed!

Congrats to Bob and Monét! “Sibling Rivalry” is nominated for Best Podcast honors at this year’s GLAAD Media Awards, so let them show you why.

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from season 2’s Venus D’ Lite. She’s Delta Work’s latest guest on her “Very Delta” podcast and I am so glad to see her again (and not serving the latest iteration of the Material Girl. I like eyebrows, you know?)

Trixie gets into goth girl drag using the (now sold out) HipDot x Evanessence Fallen eye shadow palette. 

Alexis Matteo is the latest guest on Maddy Morphosis’ “Give It to Me Straight.” They discuss Alexis’ stint at Walt Disney World, auditioning for Drag Race, moving to Las Vegas and lots more.

Jaymes Mansfield is back with another in her series of “Iconic Brunettes” wig recreations. Here she takes on a look worn by the iconic Donna Summer.

And that’s a wrap! Join us next week for more charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent from the queens and, until then, stay healthy, stay safe and say LOVE!



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