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The Week in Drag – Spilling the Tea About Drag Race UK, Nina West’s Halloween Tune, Raven and Trixie Mattel’s Makeup Tips and Lots More

The Week in Drag – Spilling the Tea About Drag Race UK, Nina West’s Halloween Tune, Raven and Trixie Mattel’s Makeup Tips and Lots More

Nina West Lisa Frankenstein

Hello, hello, hello! Welcome to another week jam-packed with updates from our favorite fierce and fabulous queens. Our roundup this week features the queens you know and love, including Willam, Raven and Katya as well as some of the newest additions to the Drag Race family, including the UK’s first eliminated queen and the pride of Belfast, Blu Hydrangea. We’ve got lots to get to, so let’s bring it to the runway!

Did you catch the latest episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK? If you want to relive the most sickening moments from this week’s challenge (where the queens took on Downton Abbey) and the Bond girl runway, check out our recap.

Our favorite podcasts are also weighing in on our queens from across the pond. Over a “Drag Her”, Mano and Nicole talk about the first episode and on “Race Chaser”, Willam and Alaska spill the tea. By the way, if you didn’t check out last week’s “Hot Goss”, and you’re a fan of Shangela, definitely give it a listen. The dolls dish out even more tea on this week’s episode. 

Raja and Raven are finally reunited for “Fashion Photo Ruview” and they are here to toot and boot the runway looks from the premiere of Drag Race UK. 

If you were hoping for Nina Bo’nina Brown to recap the first episode of DRUK while wearing full dinosaur drag, today is your lucky day.

Although Gothy Kendoll was the first queen eliminated from Drag Race UK, she’s making sure you don’t forget about her. Adorable YouTubers and aspiring drag queens the Coyle Twins (“Sugar and Spice”) change this “grr”-eat queen from a Kendoll to a Bratz doll with this fierce makeover. Along the way, they talk about Gothy’s first trip to New York (for DragCon), her experience on DRUK, accents, Jessie J and lots more.

I am loving Blu Hydrangea on DRUK, and she’s here to share makeup tutorials in a mono-series called “Blu’s Beats”. This week, she shows us how to recreate her hometown look from the first runway. Her eyes are mesmerizing in this video, they are so perfect that they don’t look real. Just gorgeous.

Did you catch Chad Michaels on Ellen (with guest host Sean Hayes)? Our favorite Cher impersonator was part of a fun bit on a recent episode. Definitely not enough Chad in this clip but Sean Hayes always makes me smile and the reaction of the girl in the audience who thought Chad was actually Cher is priceless.

Drag queen storytelling is something we need more of and fortunately, the iconic Miss Coco Peru has joined the party. Sit down, grab a cup of Tension Tamer tea and a slice of panettone and let Coco regale you with her fantastical tales (it’s actually a vintage kiddie book called “Daddies” that has a new meaning in our modern times.) There can never be enough Coco Peru in our lives.

There also cannot be enough Nina West in our lives. Just in time for Halloween, the reigning Miss Congeniality showcases her spooky side wither latest video for song “Lisa Frankenstein.” In the video, Nina plays a Lisa Frank-obsessed teenage monster seeking high school popularity. If the voice providing the spooky intro and interlude sounds familiar, it should. It’s Bobby Moynihan from Saturday Night Live, who is responsible for the infamous David S. Pumpkins sketch. Bobby, who was a judge on Drag Race, said, “Nina is an impeccable performer and an amazingly hilarious person to boot. When Nina calls and asks you to help on her new Halloween song, you drop everything, get in the car and go record. Which is exactly what I did, and I had a blast. I love Nina. Love Halloween. Love the song. Always happy to be part of it.”

Of the video, Nina said, “Lisa Frankenstein is a celebration of the Halloween season with a teen monster twist! I wanted to imagine what it would look like if Frankenstein and the Bride had a daughter named Lisa! Sure, she has all the awkward attributes of teenage monster, but she is bright, and fun, and celebrates the season the only way she knows how! And yes, I am so lovingly inspired by the incredible art and work of Lisa Frank! Make it a rainbow Halloween!” The video is fabulous and the song should be your new, go-to Halloween jam. 

Nina once again brings sunshine and happiness into our lives with another recent video inviting you to “Treat Yourself” (and support local LGBTQ-friendly businesses – and for Pete’s sake, get tested regularly.)  I defy you to have a bad day after watching this.

If you were thinking about dressing as Trixie Mattel this Halloween, the queen herself is here to teach you how to achieve her signature look using products from your local drug store.

Need a wig? Jaymes Mansfield is back to help, showing you how to style the last of the RuPaul Party City wigs.

If there’s any queen you should listen to when it comes to makeup, it’s Raven, who paints Ru, so there’s really no one better. In the second episode of the World of Winder web series, “Wet n Wild Presents”, Raven instructs on how to highlight responsibly to get your glow on.

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You want more makeup videos? Okay! The lovely Violet Chachki takes you through the four looks she showcases in her solo show “A Lot More Me” with products from Pat McGrath.

One of the most memorable group performances in Drag Race her-story was when Katya, Roxxy Andrews, Alaska and Detox performed Ru’s “Read U, Wrote U” on All-Stars season 2. In this video, Katya critiques her fellow queens’ performances and discusses shooting this iconic number.

The sweet (and talented) Shuga Cain is back with another episode of her web series “Gimme Some Shuga.” Shuga and Justin recreate her gorgeous purple Flamenco-inspired runway look in delicious cake form. Don’t watch this hungry.

Not like she needs beauty treatments, but Willam takes us to a cryotherapy session in this funny (as always) video.  

Kimora Blac and Derrick Barry are quizzed on mythological creatures, talk about churros and more on a legendary episode of “Wait, What?” See if Derrick, who looks magical, knows the difference between a unicorn and pegasus. 

The always delightful Jinkx Monsoon brings us another episode of “Cool Mom”, where she and her son, Kamikaze, talk about what happens when a (possibly) deadbeat kid moves back in with his parents. I am still hoping to be adopted by Jinkx. Just saying.

Whew! The queens are keeping me busy, and I am happy to share all of the latest from these fierce entertainers. We’re sure to have lots more for you next week, so stay fabulous and, until next week, everybody say LOVE!

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