This Week’s RuPaul’s Drag Race Left Us Flushed

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RuPaul’s Drag Race
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Hello, hello, hello! What happens when RuPaul's Drag Race queens are forced to become designing women? We found out this week as the dolls were challenged to create bedazzled bathrooms and wonderful water closets. Who was number one…and who ended up number two and was wiped out of the competition? Read on and find out.

As you remember, last week, we had a Miami queen showdown, and an exuberant Morphine is delighted that she sent the queen of flips, Miss Mhi’ya Iman LePaige, back to the Sunshine State. She says she’s ready to fight and win after getting that shot of adrenaline. While Sapphira Cristal basks in the glow of her third win, Q looks positively pressed and feels she and Plane Jane should have won.

Ru enters and announces this week’s mini challenge, inspired by televangelist turned pop culture icon Tammy Faye Messner. The queens have to get into quick drag (yay) and, with the help of the Pit Crew, create their interpretation of the t-shirt you could find in any mall in the 80s – the “I ran into Tammy Faye at the mall” shirt, smeared with Tammy’s over the top makeup. The challenge is hilarious and Ru and Anastasia Beverly Hills’ own Norvina declare Jane as the winner. This mini-challenge shows precisely why they are the best part of the show. They are chaotic and wild, and I am here for it.

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For the main challenge this week, the queens team up to star in the new HGTV-esque show “Bathroom Hunties.” Each pair has to design a unique, gender-inclusive nightclub potty spot—as Ru put it, “a good place to go, a great place to stay.” The teams are Jane and Sapphira, Nymphia Wind and Dawn, and Q and Morphine Love Dion.

As the teams start brainstorming, Morphine and Q devise a dungeon/hell scenario with spiked toilet seats – and the ideas come rolling in. Nymphia (of course) wants a yellow bathroom, but Dawn encourages her to flex her diversity muscle – although she is happy to be on the “oddball express” with her. They decided to go with a “Museum of Fart” concept (which reminded me of Idiocracy.) Jane was concerned about working with Sapphira, who she considers an “old soul”, but the two come together on a vintage, speakeasy vibe for their powder room.

The teams go on set to create their bathrooms, and as we’ve seen in previous challenges like this one, queens and paint create chaos. Q and Morphine attempt to paint flames on their wall, Q is focused and does a pretty good job, Morphine…not so much. Dawn and Nymphia go for a pee green/”diaper surprise” color for their walls, and Jane and Sapphira go prop crazy. And then a paint battle royale ensues, instigated by Jane. This episode is already so much fun.

After the queens share some embarrassing poop stories, it’s time to hit the runway. Ru looks stunning (as always) in a red-hot gown and wig. The runway theme this week is Chain Reaction. Morphine is a golden siren goddess with a gorgeous chain wig. Q has thick red chains woven into her black pants and bolero jacket. Dawn takes us to the dungeon with chains and cutouts on her hips. Nymphia delivers a gorgeous jade look with Chinese knots. Jane is an alien sex cyborg with a futuristic chrome look, and Sapphira wins the runway with a black and white latex and a face-kini dog look. I love it…and, on a side note, guest judge Mayan Lopez is a delight.

And now…Bathroom Hunties! Our German nightclub owners Didi and Dada (Michelle and Carson) first visit Morphine and Q’s “Naughty Potty.” It features real hand hooks, flame-covered walls, and skeleton décor. Morphine and Q are decked out as sexy demons and even have a Pit Crew member chained to the wall for some tickle torture. I loved the shattered mirror and laughed when you discover in hell you can’t quite ever reach the toilet paper.   

At Dawn and Nymphia’s FART Museum-themed potty, there are plungers displayed as fine art, male torso decorations with provocatively placed faucets, and another Pit Crew member serving as a canvas for finger painting. Last up is the Bootylicker Speakeasy and Sapphira and Jane in full 20s flapper looks. There’s hidden hooch everywhere and musical entertainment (with piano accompaniment from a Pit Crew member). Yes, it was all toilet humor, but it was a fun challenge.

Our winners this week are Jane (with her third win) and Sapphira (with her fourth.) Sadly, the two queens who haven’t had a win – Dawn and Morphine – have to lip sync. The song is “Body” by Megan Thee Stallion, and Morphine turns it out. Those Miami queens can certainly tear up the stage, can’t they?  Sadly, the sun has set on Dawn, and she will be missed. One more queen must sashay away before our top four is revealed…who will make the cut? Find out next week!



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