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Timothée Chalamet responds to Armie Hammer rape allegation question

Timothée Chalamet responds to Armie Hammer rape allegation question

Timothée Chalamet and Armie Hammer22nd Annual Hollywood Film Awards - Press Room

Timothée Chalamet, who co-starred with Armie Hammer in the 2017 film Call Me By Your Name, recently revealed why he hasn’t opened up about the legal issues surrounding the actor.

Chalamet, who recently offered a well-timed glimpse at his upcoming take on Willy Wonka, has been named a “next generation leader” by Time magazine.

In the resulting cover feature, which arrives just as Dune is set to hit theaters, the actor was asked about his Call Me By Your Name co-star Armie Hammer, who was accused of rape in March. Noted in the Time feature is that Chalamet “demurs” when asked about Hammer, opting instead for a “larger conversation” in the future.

“I totally get why you’re asking that,” Chalamet said, “but it’s a question worthy of a larger conversation, and I don’t want to give you a partial response.”

A woman identified only as Effie alleged during a press conference in March that Hammer—who has been at the center of multiple allegations—had violently assaulted her in April 2017. In a statement shared with the Daily Beast at the time, an attorney for Hammer said the allegations were “outrageous,” further arguing that the actor has only engaged in “completely consensual” behavior.

In the wake of the allegations and social media storm, Hammer was fired from numerous projects and dropped from his agency, WME.

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