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If there is a camera, Tom Daley will most likely flash his bum

If there is a camera, Tom Daley will most likely flash his bum

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Tom Daley insists flashing his bum while diving is just “one of those things”.

The Olympic gold medal winner blames his tiny trunks for his bum often falling out in full view of the TV cameras.

Tom, 27 – who made his Olympic debut in Beijing in 2008 – explained on the ‘Table Manners’ podcast: “Basically the trunks just need to have a drawstring so they don’t fall off first of all. At 35mph they’ll come off, and if you don’t tie them up, they’re off, down by your ankles.

“At a competition, yeah, my bum’s been on the big screen. But it’s like one of those things that happens and they don’t show it on the replay, but still.”

Tom – who made his Olympics debut when he was just 14 – previously explained how the skimpy outfits for his sport impacted his body image.

The sportsman admitted to having a “strange relationship” with food during the London Olympics in 2012 – when he became one of the so-called faces of the Games for the host country – and admitted that he used to make himself vomit.

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Speaking about his eating habits, Tom – who is married to TV producer Dustin Lance Black – said earlier this month: “You have these body issues as an athlete. Lots of people would look at athletes and be like: ‘What are you talking about? You’re an athlete, you’re in shape, you have nothing to worry about’.

“But especially as a diver, you’re up on the diving board and you’re so naked, so visible, so it’s quite hard to be content with your body, because you always want to be better.”

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