Tucker Carlson suggests men tan their genitals in bizarre new video promoting masculinity

Tucker Carlson Politicon 2018 - Day 2
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Tucker Carlson recently released the trailer for his new documentary focusing on the current “masculinity crisis,” and some of the methods he suggests to increase testosterone have left many viewers scratching their heads in confusion.

In the bizarre video clip shared on social media on Saturday promoting the Fox News host’s new documentary Tucker Carlson Originals: The End of Man, the 52-year-old political commentator suggests that one way for men to increase their testosterone would be to tan their reproductive parts with “red-light” therapy.


But that is just one of the outrageous claims the new video clip suggests after opening with an antiquated Make America Great Again-style montage showing President John F. Kennedy touting American ideals before calling out the nation’s “soft, chubby fat-looking children” in an attack that claims men’s masculinity is currently in jeopardy.

Then, if that is not enough, the clip cuts to a series of dialogue arguing that the last 50 years has seen a dramatic decline in not only testosterone but also sperm count – all interposed with various images of semen before cutting to what is evidently Carlson’s ideal version of the American male: big, strong white men working out and chopping down trees with little to no clothes on.


The video then cuts again, and that is when the clip focuses on the controversial red-light therapy that shows a nude man standing on a rock with his arms outstretched towards the evening sky as his genitals are tanned by a machine emitting ultraviolet (UV) light.

Although Carlson’s documentary features a “bromeotherapy” expert touting the benefits of UV light in increasing men’s testosterone, there have reportedly been no peer-reviewed double-blind studies to back up the expert’s claims.

While claims that lower levels of testosterone have a direct impact in making men more liberal and less masculine is an idea regularly pushed on Fox News, and particularly on Carlson’s own program Tucker Carlson Tonight, this new video clip seemingly backfired for some viewers who promptly took to social media after watching it to mock Carlson for the homoerotic message.

“This is so gay,” tweeted George Takei, an openly gay actor known for his activism in the LGBTQ+ community.

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“I am sitting here next to my gay husband living my gay life reading a gay novel as research for my new gay book…and yet I am not and will never be as gay as whatever is haunting Tucker Carlson’s fantasies,” another openly gay man named Mark Harris tweeted.

“This is actually real. Evidently he likes men without shirts, which may explain the Putin obsession,” Republican Representative Adam Kinzinger wrote along with a retweet of the bizarre video.



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