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The Bachelorette’s Tyler Cameron Goes Shirtless, For David Spade — WATCH

The Bachelorette’s Tyler Cameron Goes Shirtless, For David Spade — WATCH

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Tyler Cameron may not have gotten the final rose on The Bachelorette, but on Thursday’s episode of Lights Out With David Spade, he did manage to get a new job as David’s production assistant. For about eight hours.

When David asked how Tyler is liking the new gig, Tyler says, “It’s not bad! The pay is good; I have my own parking spot and six girls from the staff have already proposed to me….I said no,” obviously referring to his time on The Bachelorette.

But regardless of how amazing Tyler has been at being a production assistant, David reveals that he has to decide who stays and gets the final rose—Tyler, the newbie production assistant, or Johnny the long-term production assistant.

“Tyler, the last eight hours you’ve worked here have been, obviously, magical,” David said. “I’ll cherish the time we spent together learning how the copier works, but Johnny is sort of family. Johnny the PA, will you accept this rose?” Johnny accepts, and bursts into tears.

The Bachelor's Tyler Cameron Goes Shirtless, For David Spade

Johnny was then asked if he had any final questions for Cameron, to which he asked, “Tyler, do you know Hannah B.?”

“Umm, yes, John. I do,” Cameron replied.

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Spade then ended the skit with an epic request. “By the way, I have a request for you to take off your shirt,” he said.

Cameron didn’t even hesitate, removing his T-shirt and showing off his impeccable abs to the camera.

You can watch the reveal below.

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