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The Week in Drag – The queens react to the Bag Ball, Willam gets physical, Trixie Mattel covers an 80s classic, and more

The Week in Drag – The queens react to the Bag Ball, Willam gets physical, Trixie Mattel covers an 80s classic, and more

The Week in Drag – The queens react to the Bag Ball

Hello, hello, hello! The Week in Drag is back to once again check in with the ever-growing roster of queens in the Drag Race family. There was drama and lots of fashion on both Drag Race and Drag Race UK and some of your favorite queens from both sides of the pond weigh in on the challenges and the looks.

In addition to more recaps and reactions than you can shake a makeup brush at, we have new music, updates and videos from Trixie, Bob, Willam, Monét and the queens of season 13. Let’s get into it!

Episode 5 of RuPaul’s Drag Race saw a baby-themed mini-challenge and a head-spinning 36 outfits on the runway as the queen-testants competed in the “Bag Ball.” What did the Drag Race queens who came before think of the episode and the looks?

Trixie Mattel and her (very opinionated) season 7 castmate Violet Chachki review the Bag Ball, the fashions and the drama on “The Pit Stop.” Along the way, they look back on their season 7 experience, the Atlanta drag scene, the importance of corsets, and lots more.  

Bob and Monét give their (sometimes brutally honest) opinions on the show on “Sibling Watchery.”

Set your thermostat to a sensible 74 degrees and join All-Star Jujubee (and her cat) who is back with the “Extra Lap Recap.”

Yuhua Hamsaki gives us her two cents on “Review with a Yu.”

Nina Bo’Nina Brown gives us an early Valentine’s Day treat with a romantic look in her latest “Rawview.”

Raja and Raven don their own bag-inspired couture (and Raja makes a trash bag look so sexy) as they toot and boot all 36 Bag Ball looks on “Fashion Photo Ruview.”

Yuhua and Laganja Estranja weigh in on the Bag Ball fashions on “Bootleg Opinions.”

This week, we had to say goodbye to Joey Jay. Michelle Visage chats fashion and Drag Race with our eliminated queen  on “Whatcha Packin’?”

This season’s queens really know how to beat a mug and, in this tutorial,  Joey Jay shows us how she created her stunning purple promo look.

On “Losing is the New Winning”, Rock M Sakura, last season’s second eliminated queen, shares some words of wisdom and encouragement with the queen who sashayed away.  

Our Atlanta queen mother, Tamisha Iman, brings us an all-new episode of her talk show, taking calls and answering your questions. Could we get her to replace Ellen?

It’s a Gottmik three-fer, as last week’s winning queen shows us how he created all three of his Bag Ball makeups. If you ever wanted to know how the queens can serve multiple fierce looks in one episode, this video is an eye-opener.

Let’s head to jolly old England for the latest on Drag Race UK. Last week, the queens had to limbo for their life in a Notting Hill Carnival themed lewk that they had just 15 minutes to assemble. The maxi-challenge tested the queens’ creative sewing skills – and their friendships – as they were pitted against each other in a design challenge called ‘Who Wore It Best?’

The queens were split into pairs and assigned a color from which they had to create a beautiful runway look, unbeknownst to the queens they were to be judged in pairs. Ru picked the fiercest lewks from each duo, but Lawrence Chaney rose to the top of the pack gaining a RuPeter badge as this week’s maxi-challenge winner. Tia Kofi and Asttina Mandella had to lip-sync for their lives to “Don’t Start Now” by Dua Lipa. Ultimately, Asttina became the third queen to sashay home.

Bob the Drag Queen and Crystal Methyd talk about this colorful episode on “Purse First Impressions.”

Raja and The Vivienne review the fashions, and decide who wore it best, on “Fashion Photo Ruview.”

Cheryl Hole joins Yuhua Hamasaki for “Bootleg Opinions” for the “Who Wore It Best?” challenge.

Season 12’s magical Jackie Cox takes you through the episode on “Extra Lap Recap”

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Erika Jayne and Saint West

BAM! Season 3/All-Stars 1 and 5 standout Alexis Mateo is this week’s guest on “Hey Qween!”

Jonny McGovern and the late, great Lady Red Couture quiz some Drag Race superfans on some of the series’ most iconic moments on his new (and super fun) game show “Drag Fan.” According to the questions Jonny asks, I must not be a super fan, which is surprising. 

Wiliam (wearing Ginny Lemon’s platform Crocs) shows us her morning fitness routine in “Thank You God For All This Bod.” My core was sore just watching this.

Trixie Mattel’s music is as fabulous as her drag (and her comedy…is there nothing she can’t do?) Check ut her cover of the 11983 Violent Femmes classic, “Blister in the Sun.”

Trixie Mattel, out of drag, tries out some Maybelline brow gels to try and fill out her own natural eyebrows. Even if you aren’t a drag queen, there are some helpful tips on making the most of your eyebrows here.

Bob and Monét talk current events and take a deep dive into the serious topic of transracialism on the latest episode of ‘Sibling Rivalry.”

Jaymes Mansfield works with a Kelly Mantle knock-off wig, which she describes as “Joan Crawford on a budget/Blade Runner nightmare” and transforms it into an Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds fantasy in her latest demonstration of her wig wizardry.

Blu Hydrangea shows us the products in her new makeup collab with BPerfect. The lipstick colors are amazing and the lashes are lovely and you can order through BPerfect’s site.

Atlanta queen Trinity K. Bonet takes us down memory lane and ranking Manila Luzon’s unforgettable runway fashions.  

That’s all for this week, but don’t fear, there’s lots more to come from the queens. Until we meet again, stay safe, stay healthy, wear a mask and say LOVE!

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