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The Week in Drag – All Star fashion reviews, Jaymes Mansfield gets exposed, Gottmik spills some Drag Race secrets and more

The Week in Drag – All Star fashion reviews, Jaymes Mansfield gets exposed, Gottmik spills some Drag Race secrets and more

Week in Drag - Jaymes Mansfield

Hello, hello, hello! Welcome to another all-star packed week of drag fabulousness! The queens still competing to be the top All Star have gone from nine to eight and we had to say goodbye to a fan favorite.

We also get some critiques of last week’s frilled runway looks from our most fashionable queens – and there’s no holds barred. We also have new music from Canada’s reigning queen and one of season 13’s NYC dolls, wig wizardry from Jaymes Mansfield (who is in the hot seat for a great “Exposed” interview), and lots of laughs from Trixie Mattel, Katya and Willam. We’ve got the goods to make your summer sizzle, so let’s bring it to the runway!    

First of all, if you haven’t heard the news, RuPaul’s Drag Race racked up an impressive 11 Emmy nominations, including Outstanding Competition Program and Outstanding Host for a Reality or Competition Program. Raven was also nominated for dong Ru’s makeup. Congrats to all!

This week, the queens of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars showed their vulnerable side in intimate chats and brought colorful, patten-clashing fashions to the runway. On this week’s episode of “The Pit Stop”, Trixie Mattel and Kennedy Davenport take us through the highs and lows of the episode.

This week, we had to say farewell (for the moment?) to the lovely Scarlet Envy. She discusses her All Stars experience with Michelle Visage on “Whatcha Packin’?”  

On last week’s episode, the queens paid tribute to the legends who performed at the Super Bowl halftime show and gave us the thrill of frill on the runway. Bob the Drag Queen and Thorgy Thor review all of the highs and lows of the episode (and Thorgy hilariously tells a story about a note Bob sent her on a flight…trust me, it’s pure Thorgy) on “Purse First Impressions.”

Raja and Raven toot and boot last week’s frilly fashions on “Fashion Photo Ruview.” Which queens didn’t live up to the assignment and which ones delivered frilly fantasy? Watch and find out.  

Yuhua Hamasaki has been bringing some of the most memorable queens from the international Drag Race franchises to talk about the runway looks on “Bootleg Opinions.” This week, Drag Race Down Under’s Etcetera Etcetera is here to rate and review the thrilling, frilling fashions.

Last week’s eliminated All Star, Yara Sofia shows us how she created her golden entrance look on the latest episode of “Ruvealing the Look.”  

Kylie Sonique Love discusses last week’s All Stars episode with US Weekly. She talks about playing Steven Tyler for the halftime show challenge and Ra’Jah and A’Keria gluing hair on their faces to achieve a boy look. She also settles the argument as to who the trade of the season is and goes in-depth on the runway looks.

Our beloved Honey Davenport and this week’s lip sync assassin, Mayhem Miller talk about getting caught in the act, space travel, and other random topics on the latest episode of “Da Fuq?”

Season 13 top four queen-testant Gottmik spills lots of tea in this kiki with Trixie Mattel. I would love to hang out and put on makeup with these two.

The topic of this week’s episode of “UNHhhh” is disappointment and Trixie and Katya have suffered a lot of them. From Drag Race eliminations to bedroom anticipations, their experiences run the gamut.

Tickets for Trixie and Katya’s 2022 live tour went on sale this past week (and I got mine!) Take a peek at this behind-the-scenes video chronicling the photo shoot for their upcoming shows.  

Jaymes Mansfield is the latest queen to be exposed by Joseph Shepherd for his new podcast “Exposed: Dragged Out.” She talks about moving from Milwaukee to Las Vegas, her (far too brief) time as a baby queen on season nine and her wig and puppet crafting talents. 

Jaymes Mansfield takes a fabulous purple rave wig from Las Vegas’ Area 13 and turns it into a masterpiece.

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If you’ve ever wanted to know how to zip tie wigs, Jaymes is here to show you how to do it.

Willam is back with a new “Beatdown.” She takes on a video addressing things classy ladies shouldn’t wear (I must not be a classy lady…) a video from misguided wannabe rapper Chet Haze (a/k/a Tom Hanks’ son) and more.  

If you’re looking for some fun for one, Willam introduces you to a board game you can play all by yourself, created by her “drag daughter,” Neil Patrick Harris. Watch as she plays Box One.  

Canada’s Drag Race champion Priyanka is back with the continuation of the story she started with her “Cake” video. Her castmate Jimbo is at her villainous best in “Bitch I’m Busy.” I can’t wait to find out what happens next.

Rock M Sakura dedrags and takes us through her makeup removal and skincare routine. Everyone should really know how to best remove glitter and eyelashes, so this video is a must-see.  

As a confessed musical theater nerd, I absolutely love this cover of “Ladies Who Lunch” from the Stephen Sondheim musical Company by season 13’s Tina Burner.

And…that’s it for this week. We’ll be back with more news from the queens of RuPaul’s Drag Race and, until we meet again, stay healthy, stay safe, get vaccinated and say LOVE!



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