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The Week in Drag – Your Season 11 Top Four, DragCon and More!

The Week in Drag – Your Season 11 Top Four, DragCon and More!

RuPaul's Drag Race Season 11 Winner

We have new drag royalty and a super-sized collection of news and updates from the Drag Rave universe. Check out our RuPaul’s Drag Race recap of the finale and get the latest on the top four of season 11 and some of your other favorite queens! Let’s jump right in…this tea is piping hot!

Checking in with our favorite podcasts, Drew Droege, best known satirizing Chloë Sevigny in his hilarious YouTube videos, joins Mano to talk about the reunion episode on “What the Tuck?” and Willam and Alaska discuss and discover the origins of the catchphrase that failed to catch, “What’s the tea, Christine?” on “Race Chaser.” Willam and Alaska also debuted a new podcast, “Hot Goss”, this week where they talk about Drag Con and politics. It’s a must-listen, 

The queens had some amazing looks for last week’s reunion, but since they were seated, you might not have had the chance to see how fabulous they really looked. Thank goodness for Raja and Aquaria, who give you the full picture (as well as their toots and boots) during the latest episode of “Fashion Photo Ruview.” If you ever wanted to know what it’s like behind the scenes at the reunion, we’ve got you covered.

As for the big finale, we have extensive coverage of that as well. Taking a page from Jimmy Kimmel, the queens react to Mean Tweets with Monique Heart on the red carpet.  The queens also discussed their favorite season 11 memes while getting ready for the finale. If you don’t think “Oppalence” got a lot of love, you’d be wrong. 

Technically, none of the final four queens get sent packing, but they all get a chance to sit down with Michelle Visage to talk about their experience on the show and discuss some of their favorite fashions on ‘Whatcha Packin’? Check out Michelle’s chats with A’Keria C. Davenport, Brooke Lynn Hytes, Silky Nutmeg Ganache and our champion, Yvie Oddly.  

The top four also released makeup tutorials this week. Brooke Lynn teaches us how to replicate her golden, old Hollywood look. Yvie shows us how she pulled off her circus-inspired orange challenge look. A’Keria recreates the face that went along with her (not a) caftan and Silky gets a do-over from her disastrous “Facekini” makeup look (and yes, she does draw her brows on with a Sharpie.)

My favorite trio of queens from this season – (runner-up) Brooke Lynn, (Miss Congeniality) Nina West and (winner) Yvie Oddly talk about their Drag Race experience on “Queen to Queen.”

Our first eliminated (but incredibly memorable) queen, Soju, takes us “Out of the Closet.”

The “Portrait of a Queen” series gives us an intimate look at some of drag’s most fascinating entertainers, and if you’re not watching them, you’re really missing out. Two of the latest videos of this series profile Adore Delano and Alaska.

Alaska is one busy queen. She just dropped a new album, Vagina, which was announced during the Drag Race reunion. Alaska told NewNowNext that the music is true to her brand, delivering, “Hard electronic beats, songs about taboo body parts and lewd sexual acts, some total nonsense, and of course lots and lots of swear words. But within all of this filth and frivolity, I hope some real meaning is able to seep through.”

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And if that wasn’t enough, Alaska hosted the Drag Queen of the Year pageant during DragCon. Atlanta-based “trash queen” Abhora took the crown and a $10,000 prize. The event raised over $6,000 for the LA LGBT Center.

DragCon L.A. was a smashing success. According to World of Wonder co-founders Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato, “DragCon has become a giant hug that the world really needs now.” The event delivered some fierce looks from your favorite queens and many spectators fully got into the spirit, serving some equally impressive fashions.  ET Live tracked down Miss Vanjie at the event and she’s happy to report that she’s happy.

Also at DragCon, Ru talked about his upcoming Netflix series, AJ and the Queen. Ru told ET that the show, which debuts in January, “is the most challenging thing I’ve ever done because it’s acting like a real human. Usually in acting roles I play the gay best friend or the neighbor. This is a fully rounded human being with all of the emotions.” 

Lastly, one of the other hardest working queens in show business, Shangela, has a new podcast. Check out her interview with Bravo’s Andy Cohen. And, if this isn’t enough drag entertainment to get you through the weekend, Gia Gunn is the guest on the latest episode of Hey Qween!, and she gives a great interview.

Whew! Even though Drag Race is taking a break, I will still be here every week serving up the latest news from the world of drag. And now, let the music play!

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