Yep, it has gotten this bad for movie theaters. AMC theaters will let guests host private screenings for $99 and up

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Those looking to enjoy the experience of going to a movie theater in these uncertain times have been given a new, possibly appealing option. AMC Theatres, the largest chain in the U.S., has announced a new Private Movie Showing program. The company is letting people rent out an entire auditorium to watch a movie with some close friends for as low as $99.

AMC recently added a page for these movie theater rentals. Those interested need to fill out a simple form, which involves picking a movie from a limited list. Some of the titles include classics like Jurassic Park or Hocus Pocus, and recent releases such as Tenet and The New Mutants. Assuming there is a theater with availability in your area, AMC will reach out within three business days. Per the website, here's what is being offered.

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