90 Day Fiancé Star Larissa Lima May Be Deported

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Larissa Lima

Speculation is brewing regarding whether or not Larissa Lima really got detained by ICE. The 90 Day Fiancé star is being accused of fakery by a fan determined to get to the truth.

Fans assumed that this was just all a publicity stunt due to her recent plastic surgery transformation that was meant to make her look more like Kylie Jenner.


The reality TV star was taken into custody over the weekend. Larissa was detained as she was renting a U-Haul in Las Vegas to move to Colorado with her boyfriend, Eric Nichols.

Lindsay Feldman, Larissa’s rep, confirmed the news to People magazine. A spokesperson for ICE did not respond to the magazine’s request for comment.


Lindsay explained that it was nothing more than a misunderstanding, and Larissa’s legal team got everything straightened out. Eric and Larissa were cleared to proceed with their fresh-start-move to Colorado.

Not long after her release, Larissa posted a video on Instagram, letting fans know she was doing just fine. The Brazilian beauty claimed all was good, and the people at ICE treated her nicely.


That said, TMZ is reporting that she been “placed in removal proceedings” in accordance with the Immigration and Nationality Act, and she has a hearing coming up to determine if she'll have to surrender for removal from the U.S.

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