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Amanda Bynes checks into a new inpatient mental health care center

Amanda Bynes checks into a new inpatient mental health care center

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Amanda Bynes is seeking further help to improve her mental health.

Bynes has swapped programs, and instead of getting outpatient care, she has decided to enter an inpatient facility, according to TMZ.

According to the online publication, Bynes checked herself into a new inpatient mental health facility at the beginning of July, just days after she opted out of outpatient care at a Los Angeles institution.

The move was made with the intention of Amanda receiving better attention.

Amanda Bynes Tao Four-Year Anniversary Celebration
Amanda Bynes arrives at the Tao Nightclub at the Venetian Resort Hotel Casino during the club’s four-year anniversary party October 3, 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Getty Images)

In the new facility, she can access medical care and therapists when needed, and she also has other patients as company.

Before entering this new facility, Amanda lived alone in a Los Angeles apartment.

The news outlet also states that Amanda recognized she needed further help than what the previous outpatient facility provided and decided to seek a more therapeutic place to live.

In the new institution, the She’s the Man actress receives daily therapy sessions and is involved in activities that seek to develop skills to help her when she leaves.

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Amanda first showed signs of struggling with mental health issues in 2012 when she was charged for a DUI in Los Angeles.

In 2013 police had to be involved in a couple of incidents where she acted recklessly, like throwing a bong out a 36-story window and starting a small fire in a stranger’s driveway.

Bynes was under her mother’s conservatorship from 2013 until 2022.

We wish Amanda all the best in her quest to improve her mental health.



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