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Amanda Bynes Returns to Instagram With a Dramatic New Look

Amanda Bynes Returns to Instagram With a Dramatic New Look

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After wiping her Instagram clean back in July of 2020, Amanda Bynes returned to the social media platform on October 2, 2020. She posted a photo that shows the actress/designer with a totally new look. No caption accompanied the picture, and comments on the post had been disabled. We did get a sneak peek of Amanda’s new hair color on her fiancé Paul Michael‘s Instagram account in mid-September

The Hairspray actress is pictured with a slight smile while standing in front of a white wall.  She’s seen sporting jet-black hair and wearing a yellow plaid flannel shirt, ripped jeans, edgy glasses, a septum piercing, and white sneakers. Along with her new look, Bynes is sporting a new Instagram handle as well — Matte Black Online Store. Could her new hair color be a play on the name of her online store?

In May of 2020, Bynes revealed that she had plans to open up an online store. On Instagram, she posted, “Update: Getting my Bachelor’s degree from FIDM. Taking online classes, trying to get a 4.0 GPA :] Looking forward to starting my online store in the future #goals.”

It seems like her design career is moving in the right direction, as this has been a challenging year for Bynes.

2020 Has Been a Wild Year for Amanda Bynes

The 34-year old’s romance with Paul Michael has been topsy-turvy. Bynes announced her engagement in February 2020, followed by a break-up three weeks later that only lasted one day, as the couple reunited. 

E! News reported at the time that “Amanda’s parents are fully aware of her engagement and at this point are not approving Amanda to legally get married under the conservatorship.”

This was followed by a May 2020 announcement by Bynes on Instagram that she was expecting her first child with fiancé Michael. The actress announced the news by posting an ultrasound image that featured the caption “Baby on Board.” Paul captioned his own Instagram post, saying, “Baby in the making.”

In a matter of hours after Bynes posted the news, her pregnancy claims were quickly debunked by her lawyer David Esquibias. In a statement to People, Esquibais said, “Amanda is not pregnant. And she is sheltering in a safe location.” The lawyer also asked for privacy on behalf of the actress as she had sought “treatment for ongoing mental health issues.”

In August of 2020, Michael shared a photo of his hand in which he was wearing a wedding band and a woman’s hand who was wearing an engagement ring. Bynes lawyer confirmed to Us Weekly that “Amanda is not married.”

Hopefully, Amanda has found her peace and has much success with her new online adventure.

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