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Antoni Porowski, Ricky Martin, Ed Westwick and More Insta Snaps

Antoni Porowski, Ricky Martin, Ed Westwick and More Insta Snaps

Antoni Porowski

In appreciation of the easy on the eye male celebrity, we bring you Insta Snaps!

Antoni Porowski is pondering, Ricky Martin is prepping, Ed Westwick is bathing and more!

Yes, we know that these men or much more than just eye candy, but allow us to be a little superficial for the moment, especially since some of these pics are definitely thirst traps.

Adam Lambert

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Pierson Fode

Luke Evans

Josh Segarra

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@ajandthequeen @netflix

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Antoni Porowski

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nails for dinner hbu?

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Mechad Brooks

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“Well anyway this is therefore to say transformation of human consciousness through meditation is frustrated, so long as we think of it in terms of something that I, myself, can bring about by some kind of angle, by some sort of gimmick because, you see, that leads to endless games of spiritual one-upmanship and of guru competitions. Of my guru is more effective than your guru. My yoga’s faster than your yoga. I am more aware of myself than you are. I’m humbler than you are. I am sorrier for my sins than you are, I love you more than you love me. All these interminable goings on about which people fight and wonder whether they're a little bit more evolved than somebody else, and so on. All that can just fall away. And then we get this strange feeling that we have never had previously in our lives except occasionally by accident some people get a glimpse. That we are no longer this poor little stranger afraid in a world it never made. But that you ARE this universe and you are creating it, at every moment. Because, you see, it starts now. It didn't begin in the past. There was no past. If the universe began in the past when that happened it was now, see? But it's still now, and the universe is still beginning now and it's trailing off, like the wake of a ship from the now. And as the wake of the ship fades out so does the past. You can look back there to explain things but the explanation disappears. You'll never find it there, things are not explained by the past, they’re explained by what happens now. Cheer up. You can't blame anyone else for the kind of world you're in, and if you know that, you see that the I, in the sense of the person, the front, the ego it doesn't really exist. Then it won't go to your head too badly if you wake up and discover that you are God. That's the birth of responsibility because otherwise you can aways look over your shoulder and say well, I am the way I am because my mother dropped me. And she dropped because she was neurotic, because her mother dropped her, and way you go, back to Adam and Eve or to a disappearing monkey or something. We never get at it.” Allan Watts #justakidfromaustin

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Luke Evans

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This about sums up my attention span today……

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Nyle DiMarco

Andrew Rannells

Ricky Martin

Idris Elba

Ed Westwick

Ryan Seacrest

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