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Brian Cox was blown away by how “stunningly beautiful” his ‘Troy' co-star Brad Pitt was.

The 75-year-old actor portrayed invading king Agamemnon opposite the Hollywood hunk as the titular hero in the 2004 movie and he admitted he was “agog” at the visual spectacle of his co-star in his his skimpy armour.

Speaking in a video interview with Vanity Fair, Brian said: “Brad walked on and my jaw was down because he was so stunningly beautiful. I mean I'm straight, you know, but I just thought, ‘Wow! My God, this guy is stunning. What chance does one have on the screen with this beautiful, beautiful man?' “

“You know I remember one point you know, just kind of being agog at, you know, at Brad, because you know, he'd never been in costumes like that.”

The ‘Succession' actor – who has Alan, 51, and Margaret, 44, with first wife Caroline Burt and Orson, 19, and Torin, 17, with spouse Nicole Ansari – joked some of the other cast members were more accustomed to the costumes.

He quipped: “If we'd done the classical theatre, we're always without pants, you know?”

The veteran star admitted Agamemnon was “the only part [he had] ever pursued” and continued to do so even when he was aware the role had already been offered to Sir Ben Kingsley.

He added: “I've never pursued anything. I've always allowed it to fall out the way it fell out. But I knew the part was available and I knew that I was dead right for the role of Agamemnon.

“I volunteered to fly myself to London to meet [director] Wolfgang Petersen. I think it'd been offered, the part had been offered to Ben Kingsley. And I had this meeting and it went incredibly well. I got the role.'”

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