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Celine Dion Has an Amazing Reaction to Fan Serenading Her With ‘I Surrender’

Celine Dion Has an Amazing Reaction to Fan Serenading Her With ‘I Surrender’

Celine Dion

A self-professed Céline Dion superfan has gone viral after staging an impromptu performance in the presence of the diva herself.

Freida Solomon was visiting New York this week when she spotted Dion, who is in town for a series of concerts, exiting the Four Seasons Hotel.

As Soloman crooned the track on the sidewalk in front of the Four Seasons to the superstar, Dion offered an empty stare with her oversized sunglasses in her stretch SUV while she listened patiently.

Soloman didn’t exactly hit all the notes, so the singer’s faceless express brought plenty of giggles to social media, but the Canadian star is a class act and offered the fan a fist bump after the number.

“God bless. Thank you so much for that,” Dion said, to which Soloman responded, “You’ve sung for me my whole life, so I wanted to return it.”

Speaking with E! News, Soloman said that the opportunity was just too good to pass up. “When she went into her car and closed the door, I knew I lost my chance at speaking to her,” she said.

“But then I asked her to roll down her window, which she did. I told her how I grew up listening to her sing with Andrea Bocelli and how she’s been an icon in my life and out of nowhere I started singing ‘I Surrender,’ one of her most famous songs.”


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