Chris Evans Bought His Dog a Knives Out Sweater for Christmas

Michael Prieve 1 Min Read
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Chris Evans Knives Out Sweater

OMG! As if Chris Evans and his Knives Out sweater couldn't become even more amazing!

If you're not up to speed on the internet's boyfriend Chris Evans (the best Marvel/Hollywood Chris, don't @ us) and his now-famous sweater from Photo via Claire Folger's ‘Knives Out', here's a brief synopsis.

Chris Evans' character in the film wears the above jumper in a pivotal scene and while the sweater may not have anything to do with it, it sure had an impact on audiences.

He shared the picture on Twitter with just a Christmas tree emoji on Wednesday morning.

The white sweater became something of an internet sensation after Knives Out premiered. In several scenes, Evans is featured in the look, as his character Ransom Drysdale.

Even the Knives Out Twitter account got in on the commentary Thursday.

“Like Ransom like son,” the account posted. “A perfect friend in a chef’s kiss sweater!”

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